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Back in BC

Made it safely to Gail's place about 4:30, drove thru more rain (lots) and even very brief periods of sunshine (very brief). Got Karen's stuff unloaded and into her car she took off straight away for her place, then just a few things of mine into the house, perishables bought at Freddies. Its amazing what my little Subie will hold.

Brought a nasty cold home with me, sore throat and runny nose, even coughing already, hope it doesn't get to bad would like to leave for home Wednesday morning.

After OFFF

The wettest OFFF ever, poured both Saturday and Sunday. And wind like the tail end of a typhoon (which it was), felt sorry for the outdoor vendors with their white pop ups, wind played havoc with them, they were even allowed to start shutting down early because of safety concerns. I didn't even venture out of the Main Pavilion where we were fortunate enuff to have our spinning area. And Gail even got everything in the car for the start north towards BC. Will hit the road in the next hour or so for the border and BC. If all goes according to plans will make one more stop at Freddies in Bell-ham for a few groceries for me then north.

Slowly getting ready

A couple of days later than I should be in getting ready for upcoming OFFF trip. Laundry being the number one issue, have a load in washer now and will do at least two more yet today, about half can be put on folding rack to dry the rest can be hung up on hangers. The rack under the ceiling fan and even the heaviest towels will be dry by morning, then a couple more loads and I should be far enuff along that stuff like sheets can wait until I get home.

Emptied one bobbin (just had a verra small amount of yellow on it), have two full bobbins of BFL-Silk mix that I will ply either today or tomorrow, that will give me 3 empty bobbins and the one on the spinning wheel with what I am currently spinning , not much on it.

Have two piles of stuff started one for OFFF and one for Desert Mesa, and right away when I think of something go directly to taking care of whatever it was, latest was lazy kate for the Schacht wheel. DM at least if fairly close 5 hours instead of 15 plus down to Canby, OR…

This & That

Just finished my second cuppa, could easily have another but 2 is my limit and I stick to it. Not figuring I'll get much done today (except knitting) its football Sunday. Right now I have 3 socks under construction all in time out just now while I work on a bit of handspun stuff. If all goes well should finish by the end of today.

Soon real soon I have to attend to some plying otherwise I won't have any empty bobbins to take with down to OFFF. Plying is not my favorite part of the job and put it off until down to last empty bobbin. Want to take my woolee winder with to OFFF so will ply those bobbins first.

Last weeks knitting bee saw return of long time gone friend Judy R., got a good pix of the 4 ladies at KB. Thinking my iPad takes a better pix than my small point and shoot camera.

Today is supposed to be the last of the hot sunny days we have been having and it couldn't happen any quicker to suit me, tomorrows high in mid 60's with rain (hallelujah). Even tho dayt…

Knitting Bee

KB tomorrow and we are supposed to have an a long time gone KB'er visiting, so made Oriental Ramen Broccoli Slaw to take with, didn't have quite enuff sugar or the toasted slivered almonds. Hope it works out if not I'll be eating on it for the next two weeks.

Knee socks under way 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing on 92 stitches (seems like that took forever) then into color patterning, sure looks like its going to be big, may put a lifeline in just above ribbing and rip out what I've done so far. Will take with me to knitting bee tomorrow to see what other sock knitting ladies think. The gloves I finished (3 gloves to get a good pair) are for the same gal as knee socks, somewhat of a flamboyant (aka Lucy Neatby in hiding) person. Thus goes my life, knit, rip and start over. As ye knit so shall ye rip..

OFFF trip will be interesting, another body in car with wheel etc, plus Gails & my Louet S 90's and a Schacht that I am taking down to either sell or let Connie use, will …


After making 3 gloves to get a pair can now say I am finished. First glove had way to much patterning in fingers and thus were tight enuff to be hard to get on. Might be a teen might be able to get fingers in comfortably, maybe, but that would mean making another one, so will instead offer to GH as a spare. Meanwhile back at the ranch got started on the knee socks, will be a major project. When making socks I cast on 72 stitches, with the knee socks have cast on 92 stitches on 2.25 mm needles, and done 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing, so far so good. Now about 20 rows down into color stuff on the leg, at 24 rows will decrease 4 sts and then again every 20 or 24 rows 4 more until I am down to 72 sts. One nice thing if'n they are to big can always wear them myself.

Small gnats are a real bother this year, they somehow get in on living room window and then buzz me after dark, how they get in is perplexing since I don't have any windows open. Will be happy to see a hard freeze just to get …


Made an unplanned spur of the moment trip to town on Friday, Williams Lake farmers market was on and I wanted some tomatoes. Could have gotten them cheaper had I felt like driving another 2.5 hours to Spences Bridge but whatever I would have saved would be eaten up with gas. So got 10 lb. real tomatoes and they are so good. Have had one every meal since getting home with my favorite way with just cottage cheese and a small amount of mayo. Also got local Soda Creek sweet corn, again some of the best I've had. Will again tonite have a large salad, and sweet corn, may not nutritionally be the best but it sure suits me this time of year. While in town also got prescription refilled, was down to just 6 of one of the b/p meds.

Thursday morning had a visiting buck, pretty impressive rack. Just wouldn't hold still long enuff to get the perfect pix.

Only have 2 fingers and thumb left to do on glove #3, not yet sure if I will go ahead and make a second one with the tight fingers, somebo…