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This & That

Finished the lime green wild & crazies, then while waiting to hear from Coreen about her pair went ahead and started two more socks. One pair with all the reds I had on hand and the second with a bunch of oranges.

Now wondering if I should-could make this a pair of real odds. They indeed would be different, will wait to decide until blog readers say yeah or nay.

Coreen wanted the natural colors of the Cascade Heritage sock yarn I have on hand. Will give her another couple of days and if I don't hear from her will start socks for D2 in Eburg.

Not much else new and excitingly different in my world, snow is melting and where there had been tracks fast turning to straight ice. Will be glad to see mud.

This & That

Left last Wednesday (13th) just before lunch time for the big town, first trip into 'the willie' since early December, needless to say I had much to do. First thing I did was get a much needed haircut then took empty water bottles to recycle store. Then up to friends for supper and to stay over. Thursday headed back to town and to Wally World looking for a stainless steel pressure cooker, no luck, tried Canadian Tire and they didn't have one either. Will add it to my to do list for next time I get to Vancouver area. Friday morning I hit SaveOn for groceries, loads of veggies and salad stuff. After almost 8 weeks I was out of lots of staples.

Took in two large bags of laundry, ended up being 4 loads in Denise' machine, so have have clean clothes again. Then ran several sets of slippers to be felted, using my own handspun, all came out even better than I had hoped for. One pair fit Denise so left them with her. One of the colored pair is for Deborah which ever pair fits…

More sock stuff

Pair #1 of the two pair I sent to Maggie in NY, waiting on pix of 2nd pair.

When Gudie posted a pix of socks to my Facebook page titled 'odd the new norm' I wondered how she knew I had been working on a air of ODDS, had enuff leftovers that I didn't have to use the same color twice in 1st sock, did of course use the same colors in #2 but in different order. Think I still have enuff bits for several more pair. But won't go there just now, am instead working on another pair of wilds for Dale in Vanc. Lime green with orange, purple, reds etc.

Meanwhile back at the almost middle of Feb nothing new and excitingly different in my world.


Have had to put comment moderation on the blog after several days of spam, so far will not add the crazy letters that have to be typed in and will just check several times a day to see whats floating about.

Have 3 projects on the go (most unusual for me), the lime green socks, a pair of pink with reds (some orange works) and the 'odds' socks. Today will try and work just on the 'odds' pair of socks

L came a bit after dark last night with produce, milk & bread, big salad on tonight's supper menu, with maybe some homemade baked chicken strips to go along with.