Snow is gone

From just over a foot of snow on Sunday 30th Sept. to nothing. Almost two full days of rain and temps above freezing did the job. From the wool room (where computer hides) I can't see anymore snow at all, and trust me that is good. Well over 20 mm of rain in two days is just about what we have had since early last spring.

Finished the almost Monstersocks, thought at the beginning that they would be really different but then someone came along and bought them, wanting them to be almost identical, since I had used up some of the smaller balls in sock 1 I tried to come close colour wise on 2. Same people want another pair but in lighter colours this time with the main colour being pink. Will have to check and see if they are to be identical or fraternal.

I've had to cancel Desert Mesa (broke my heart), while shoveling snow hurt my good hip, it only took about 3 shovel fulls to know that it wasn't going to work. Pain walking, sitting, standing and forget spinning, altho think the mini electric wheel would work, must try it.

Before I start socks from yarn in pix have a pair of real MONSTERSOCKS on the go, pix when I get first sock done. And with a busy football weekend coming up should almost finish it.

Talked this morning to a neighbour that does custom baking, ordered bread, buns and mini pizza's, will be able to pick up tomorrow (provided I can get to car and drive).


  1. Oh so sorry about your hip - hope it starts feeling better soon. What a shame to miss out on your spinning get together. I missed OFFF again this year - family was in town. Love the sox, as always.

  2. Gawd Lynne, shoveling snow???? Sorry to hear you hurt yourself - I guess we all have to do it at least once!!! I guess that means you haven't been able to get your snow tires put on either???? Hope you stay snow free for a few more weeks. Lots of blue sky in my neighborhood right now & I'm glad that Safeway is just down the road . . . . Nice socks by the way - my new Dental gal would adore them! Sounds like you'll be very busy for the coming weekend even if you have to stay home. Rah Rah Rah And fer gawd's sake, leave that shovel alone.

  3. I'm so sorry you weren't able to make it to Desert Mesa. I know how much you look forward to that every year. I hope your hip is feeling better by now. Beautiful socks!


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