Home from Williams Lake Spin In

Left Friday morning for Wms Lk and Spin In on Saturday, lots of deer (can you say dodge em), did see 4 black bear in various places. No time to get pix as they were either in a bad spot or ran as soon as car got close. So back home Sunday 3ish, unloaded perishables and will get wheel and the rest in yet today.

Spin In was as usual a perfect day. First thing Saturday morning I dropped my car off at Kal Tire so they could do winter tire change over, they gave me a ride to church for spin in, that left Denise to load all my stuff to the church and load all again when it was time to break up since my car was still at Kal tire. Alice gave me a ride to pick up the car just before 4, then back up to Denise's for the night. Then Sunday morning Denise reloaded stuff into my car, meaning she handled everything 3 times.

 Blogger is acting weird, can't put cursor where I want it. So to finish the trip, picked up groceries (not much) and headed west, home just after 3.
Have a whole lot more pix that Deb took but as of right now they are stuck in limbo. Will ask her to maybe email them so I can get at them.


  1. Glad you had a good trip and nice Spin In day! Seeing 4 bears, wow! We watch for turkeys and deer along the edge of a local park. Great that you have Denise to help you with the loading/unloading. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    Our weekend weaving/spinning demo at a local outdoor crafts festival was nearly totally rained out. Such a shame for the vendors. We kept hoping the showers would quit, but as the wind was blowing, no one wanted our wooden wheels, spindles, looms, etc. to get wet.

  2. It was good to see you to say hello. As always, the WL Spin in was wonderful. Denise is one special lady!


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