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Finally got to go into town, left Tatla Lake after knitting bee on the 21st, first thing I did was get a haircut(3 inches whacked off), then up to Denise & Lens around 4:30. Thursday was the big run around, oil change and car wash, bank, Wally World, and a very thorough eye exam, by the time that was over was ready to quit, so back up the hill to D&L's. Friday morning got into the grocery store, bought every kind of lettuce that SaveOn sells along with a box of mixed organic salad greens, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc. Oranges, kiwi fruit, apples and a few bananas, 4 full bags of just produce. Home just after 3, unloaded perishables and called it enuff. John & Sahnte came on Saturday and brought everything else in.

Took Andrea's sock to work on and got 2 patterns after 25 rows ribbing done. Andrea was here for the KB and tried sock on, fits like it was made for her. One pix with all my row counters showing/

Today decided to get afterthought…


Sock for Andrea continues to move right along, completed heel since I last wrote and now almost 40 rows down the foot. If all goes according to plan should finish #1 in next few days. Then will immediately start on #2.

When I'm not knitting have been (sit down and get ready)  plying, the most disliked part of spinning my own yarn. Was absolutely necessary, didn't have any empty bobbins. So far have done two light gray, 2 variegated leftovers, and 2 half full assorted greens. The bottom layer on the big plying bobbin is the assorted greens, current mix is more blue-green stuff. Pixs below.

Can actually see a bit of bare ground, where driveway was plowed. With temps at night since well below freezing and daytime highs in upper 40's to low 50's the snow has settled and started melting even in some places water is running down hill.

I put off my planned trip to town will wait another week. Sahnte and John are going in Thursday and will pick up LE Cukes, tzatziki and navel …

This and That

I've been giving some of my handspun leftovers to Christine at our knitting bee's, she so far has made a sweater and two vests. This has happened over maybe a two year period. Latest vest. Glad to see the leftovers used and appreciated.
 Two or three days now without any new snow, still enuff out there tho that I won't see bare ground until maybe mid April. Has been one of the tougher winters since I've been living here. Last two years might have gotten 2 feet total of snow this year first big dump was over three feet and then a thaw and then more snow and so on. Its made it almost impossible for me to get to town (Williams Lake hit even harder snow wise), tuff walking on snow covered parking lots using a cane. So have just done without. Sahnte & John went in on the 26th and bought me several things I've been out of since before Christmas, especially one of the favourite 3 Korn Rye bread. Now if roads stay dry and ice free I am entertaining the thought of makin…