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Snow comes and goes

Got a little bit over an inch of snow last night and now sun is shining and its in low 30's F snow is melting fast.  Usually means it slides off the car and melts on the porch, so far haven't had to clean car off yet this year (am sure that will change). Plan on going out for KB on Thursday and will have blood checked for INR (been almost a month).

Latest socks moving right along, first sock is finished with all ends worked in, second sock is still in the ribbing stage. The pix does not show true colors. Likely second sock will be fraternal, same colors but in different places. After this pair is finished will work on the pair for Andrea.

 Then down on road and likely over the holidays will give this bear pattern a shot. Have long wanted to try the bear and now that I've found the pattern looking forward to seeing if my knitting is up to it. Can't get pix to load. But it is the Arne & Carlos bear made with the Regia sock yarns. The new book from Arne & Carlos d…

Not much

Same ole, same ole. On weekends I knit, watch football, do dishes, knit and sometimes to vary the routine do laundry and cook enuff on Friday to last the weekend. So not terribly much to write about. Did finish a pair of socks the all leftovers reds and oranges. These I think I'll keep for myself(I think).

Took a bunch of colors to last KB for Andrea to pick out colors she wants in her socks. The blue on the left (Hazel Knits) will be the main color, she wants patterns right down to the toe, only thing I don't know is if she wants fraternal or identical. May see her again this week and will find out.

And got a pix of Kristie wearing her socks, was hoping for a full shot but will settle for just the feet. She waited a long time for the socks (thru the evacuations of the summer) and many other things that got in the way.....

Had heavy snow warnings posted on environment Canada's weather page for the last two days and what came down didn't amount to much of anything, was …

Winter has dropped

Started snowing Thursday morning and just a bit over 5-6 inches and then the temps dropped, Fridays night time low was -20°C, Saturday-21°, Sunday -19·. Wasn't able to get main house furnace back up and running until Saturday, turns out the ignite wire has become unhooked. Neighbor Len K got it back in proper place and I had heat straight away. My car Friday morning.

The queen is home and running as smooth as it could do. Bought the Schacht Matchless from a friends estate, Sue Wilson passed away sometime this spring. I sold the one I had a couple of years ago and almost instantly regretted it so when I had the chance to get this one with a woolee winder, the wheels for transporting, extra bobbins just felt it was the right thing to do. Am delighted to have it back in my wool room. And I don't usually name my wheels but this one will forever be called 'the Queen'.

I did go to Tatla Lake last Tuesday for INR blood check was good at 2.2 and the annual flu shot, then back …