On the road again

At Gail's down close to Vancouver, will be heading down to Monroe for Fiber Fusion Friday. Got to go to Wednesday nite knitters tonight with Gail. First time in prolly two years.
When I left Langley was in pouring rain, don't think I've ever driven in such a downpour, took an extra 20 minutes to get here, saw several fenderbenders on the way. had planned on stopping at Mickey dees for an iced coffee but in the rain drove right by.
Desert Mesa was as usual great fun, but man o man do I get tired, must be a combination of all the spinning and up and down flight of steps to meals. Have to go slow and hang on to hand rail. But it's to much fun to give it up.


  1. Have fun!!!
    I'm assuming you didn't go to OFFF this year, I didn't either.

  2. Post pics! Glad you're out partying.....


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