Home now for the winter

Came down my driveway 3 pm on Friday, Dorian car unloader extraordinaire arrived via school bus at 3:30 had car unloaded in about 10 minutes, then we gathered up all the empty water and juice containers, so with $20 and all the empties he did OK.

Bought a rotisserie chicken while in grocery store, had it Friday supper along with a largish salad, then lunch and supper Saturday and one more meal on Sunday. Its now been boiled, deboned, with all bones to go to the dump, skin and other bits to Christine"s big dog, cut up meat, carrots now back in stock, celery will go in next. With single digit temps In forecast ( 5°F the low) soup will be just the ticket.

First trip out on 11th got snow tires on the car, then down to Cache Creek for Desert Mesa, was as usual a good time. First two pix shows almost empty room with just a few showing up after lunch. Next two assorted spinners at work.

From Desert Mesa I headed down to Monroe, WA for Fiber Fusion, held at Evergreen Fairground in a well ventilated big bldg. First two pix are a well behaved llama on a walk about. Then one of dyed hair spinners (every color of the rainbow was there).

The Hazel Knits sock yarn I bought to replaces colors that I have used up.


  1. Glad you are ready for winter! Loved the llama pics--what fun to have such a handsome visitor. Good to see all the spinners at work, and the variety of wheels. My Lendrum has fresh footman connectors and is ready to turn some fiber into yarn. Naturally one broke when we were demoing, but luckily had multiple spinners. Perhaps I should have noticed the connectors had turned an unattractive yellow and were 12 years or so old....


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