In Williams Lake

Left home Saturday morning from my heavily smoked valley, in Williams Lake with friends now hopefully until smoke clears or it rains hard enuff to put some of the fires out.

Just registered with Red Cross after waiting 3.5 hours to see someone, other than time all was good. Had my knitting with so it wasn't to bad. Next will be blood work up at hospital tomorrow for INR, blood Wednesday seemed to go astray so will redo. Stopped Wally World while out and picked up a few groceries for here, then down to SaveOn for the cold stuff like cottage cheese to go with real tomatoes, Rosemary ham and cheese for sandwiches.

Finished spinning the refugee yarn from PG, will likely be plied tomorrow or Thursday for handspun socks for me. Other than above news nothing else exciting in my world, except for fires out west. Nothing I can do about them except pray for much rain.


  1. Oh goodness! You're cast adrift again! What a summer, eh? Hope you are able to go home soon.

  2. I just read an article in Living Church Magazine (Anglican) talking about the fires and Williams Lake in particular. Thought of you, and hoped you were managing ok. Prayers for you and your neighbors continue from Louisiana.

  3. Hope to see a post that you are safely home soon!


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