T d F

Company arrived just as I thought I might finish the first bobbin, not to be. Instead waited until yesterday to do so. They came so boys (now 15 and almost 18) could fish in the river, they both had license and river is legal for rainbows on July 1, both with worms as bait caught their limit, even Mom and Dad had their limit, fish cleaned and packed in ice to take home. They did bring lunch, fresh sub buns, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and 5 kinds of deli meats. Most was all eaten before they left, had enuff rosemary ham for breakfast, scrambled with eggs. Oldest young man was a straight A student and will be off to MacGill for Univ next month.

So the finished T d F, using a merino-nylon blend from Kinfolk Fibre from Vancouver, I call it camouflage. Once the second bobbin is finished the singles will go into plying queue. Day 1 on the left. Have another 4 oz of the same fibre and will start on it today.


  1. I'm sure the young man will treasure in his memories the successful fishing jaunt on the eve of his college years.

  2. Lynne, I hope you have left home due to the fires a day are safe. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Where are you Lynne? Trying to reach you, both Kristie and I ...............

  4. I've tried contacting you on Facebook, but it looks like you haven't been online for a couple days. I hope all is well with you. Please post when you get a chance so Lynda and I can stop worrying!


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