Happy Birthday Canada

Day 1 of the TdF, have nearly half a bobbin of a variegated light green merino-nylon, if'n it doesn't get to hot should come pretty close to finishing bobbin today (about 6-8 oz). And ta da have 8 empty bobbins 4 of the regular and 4 for my Woolee Winder, enuff I hope to see me thru.

The big washout is repaired, road reopened noon yesterday, I wouldn't want to guess how many dump loads of fill it took to fill the hole. I'd bet half the valley headed to town as soon as it was open, after all its been two weeks since some people couldn't get to the grocery or liquor store.

I did finish plying the two bobbins of a variegated red-pink, been sitting on the bobbins so long I forget what the blend is, Have 2 more of the same batch done and in the plying queue. The beast is back in action.


  1. It amazes me how much spinning (and plying) you get done! For the tour, I am using my new Electric Eel 5 wheel to spin the singles and then will ply them. So far I have a small amount of skinny singles!

    Great to see the road is repaired. That must have been a hassle for so many people.

  2. Yay! Road through to the outside world again. Wow. All those empty bobbins to be filled!


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