Sunday, November 20, 2016


Bit the bullet and went into town last Thursday, watched weather on Environment Canada's site and tried to pick a day with not much chance of snow. Got lucky and 90% of the road in was bare and dry, the little bit out this way had icy spots and a little bit of compact snow. If highways used a sweeper brush on it when it first started sticking it would have got rid of the snow. Did lots once in town, oil change and car wash, banking, haircut, Wally World, and wholesale club. Stayed in all night up at Denise & Lens place. Then Friday did my grocery shopping, every kind of lettuce that SaveOn sells, plus a large box of mixed organic greens, cucumbers, 3 kinds of squash, celery, peppers, onions, cilantro and more. And the real bonus was a rotisserie chicken, so had a large chicken salad once home for supper. Lorelee came and helped unload stuff (including 4 flats of water), had cucumbers for her and sent a leg & thigh from chicken for her supper (she is babysitting the younger Harris' place). And the main reason for going in was to refill all my prescriptions, good now for a bit over 3 months meds wise. Yesterday was pretty much a write off, still tired from the trip to town, so finished a pair of socks, and started another pair of Monstersocks (left from a rip out a week or so ago).

Still spinning on what I'm calling mint chocolate chip. Pix doesn't show the color very well.

Got dishes all caught up and now will gather up more of the leftovers and watch football. Glad to be home, safe and warm, right now its sorta trying to snow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Woke up this morning to snow, first of this season. According to Environment Canada's weather page for Tatlako its not supposed to amount to much.

Sahnte and Jeannie came for a visit on Friday (11th) and were able to remove the wind damaged screen door, its now safely inside the mud room. Had hoped that it would be re usable but now that I can see it close up there are several paces where the metal is twisted. So next trip to town (soon) will have to buy a new door and while I'm at it will replace old storm door as well, current edition is over 40 years old and glass is loose in frame. Have silicon-ed it but didn't work very well.

Finished spinning the last of the BFL-Silk mix and have first two bobbins plied. Its much redder than pix. Have the other two bobbins of the mix ready to ply. Ended up plying the BFL mix with some Merino-Nylon, came out way better than I thought it would.

Next batch of spinning is Merino-Nylon in variegated greens from Mary-Anne Smith (Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, BC), there is a good bit of either a real dark brown or dark green, (light not good enuff to tell the difference). Spinning is easy on this batch, as of right now have no idea what it will be, just yarn for the stash. Seems as tho I spin it faster than I can knit it. However its very comforting to know that I will never run out of handspun to knit with.

INR blood work tomorrow in Tatla, its been 3 weeks so it time to have it checked, at least arm bruising is just about gone. Last 3-4 times it was done its remained in the good range, thus every 3 weeks.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Big wind storm

Had a violent wind storm Thursday night, gusts up to 75 km, power went out just after 9 pm and didn't come back on until Friday morning 9:30 am, then went out again 2 ish and was out again for 3-4 hours. Strongest wind I can remember since living in Tatlako. Even blew my back screen door out of the frame, including pieces of wood from the door frame. Mell of a hess.

Next will be the problem of trying to find someone to see if door is salvageable and to get it un-wedged from porch railing its in so tight that I can't budge it. My biggest fear thru all the wind was a stick or branch crashing into a window, having already lost one of the big windows on south side of house (was a grouse I think) wasn't wanting to wait 9 mos to have any glass replaced. The joys of living alone in the middle and behinder of nowhere. Weather is really wonky, no snow (none), warmish temps tomorrow is supposed to be in mid 50's F, way to warm for this time of the year.

Still spinning the rest of the BFL-Silk mix, probably over half way. Just about decided to ply if with the Merino-Nylon mix from Smith & Ewe, Should be perfect sock weight yarn once that part of the job is finished.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More BFL-Silk

Finished the first bundle 113 grams before 8 am this morning, 2nd bundle same mix 121 grams waiting. The bobbin with the singles is much redder than pix shows

Blood INR is finally getting to the point I only have to go to the clinic every 3 weeks, its only taken 9 months to reach this point. KB tomorrow and am figuring on going out will get flu shot first thing.

Not much else new and excitingly different in my wild mountain valley

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