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Not much new

Afraid at this point in time I really don't know anything new. Rained most all day yesterday and where there were tracks on driveway went to solid ice, lets just say my driveway is now kind of challenging and more than a bit scary. And of course today was the day I had to go to the clinic in Tatla to have my blood checked, first check since getting booted out. Walk slowly around house (using Lorelee insisted cane), to the kitchen for meals, washroom, and then if I'm lucky can make to 9pm to go to bed, but I then think I should be able to do more and then remember I haven't been out of hospital a week yet (after relaxing in luxury for 24 days). Guess the strength will slowly come back (it must in time for spring Desert Mesa).

Lorelee cooked turkey supper yesterday and I certainly didn't do it justice but feel like tonight might just be different. Dee and her mom Swede Gano came down for the banquet, haven't seen either in months. So will by and by get my turkey nood…

Home at last

The eagle has landed. Home just before 2 pm, Sahnte and Lorelee unloaded car and L cleaned out fridge before puttin groceries away. Never has valley and home looked so good. For some unknown reason am extremely weak guess that's what 24 days in hosp does to ole ladies. But L plans on getting me better soonest.

Day 21

With promised discharge tomorrow, am most looking forward to seeing my wild mountain valley. Plans are for SE too pick me up here in 100 Mile House Friday morning then up to Lorelee's place for Fri afternoon and the night. Then Sat either S or Lorelee will pick up my grocery order (much produce). Then the 3 hour drive west to the home valley.

Had enuff yarn to make almost anything I wanted to do, at first both arms (especially wrists) were to sore from the two IV's, slowly working now on socks for Tammy in NC. Now with both IVs out now for about a week things are back to normal.

Day 19

Dr just in and said if no bed available in WL he will discharge me to home Yeehaw. Might be as soon as Thursday.

Lady in bed number 2 was discharged this morn her husband brought me a double double from Timo's, first coffee in three weeks. Latest news just delivered is that there is a bed in 100 mile house so that's where I go for now. Soon I

Walked the length on the hall last night and again this morning.

Day 18

Roommates husband brought her an omelet and scrambled eggs for me, best meal ever, even a bit of salt. First salt in 18 days. And a bonus of goodies, cinnamon bun will be for later, eggs filled me up. But did the eggs ever taste good.

Another 6 rows on current socks, maybe more later.

Dr Nair will be back tomorrow, may find something new out.

Day 17

Still waiting for a bed in Williams Lake, once that happens will be transferred.

Felt good enough to get out my knitting, did 6 rows before wrists got sore ( IV) area.

The food leaves a lot to be desired, had 1/4 cup white rice, small piece of boiled chicken nothing on it and about 1/4 cup under cooked carrots, pretty bland. Almost about ready for Mickey D,s.

Part 2

Still in hospital (day 14 or 15)waiting for a bed to open before a transfer to Williams Lake. Much closer to home and I know so many more people there.

Got the last of three IV's out today, hope they don't stick another one in. May soon be able to knit.

Hospital life

Tough night, if I lay on my back can't breathe, so last night they parked me in a chair with loads of blankets, so slept nearly 5 hours sitting up. When I finally get home will sleep in recliner until breathing issues are resolved.

Brought knitting with but so far not a stitch, first had IVs in both arms, now down to just one. But still not sure enuff to give it a go. When I can sit up for prolonged periods, but have been thinking of new patterns to try.

Blood clots in right leg and chest really knocked me for a loop. Today is 11th day here at Royal Inland in
Kamloops. This in a province that kicks patients out as soon as they can. Flew out from Tatla Lake in big medi vac chopper on Dec 30, got to spend New Years Eve in emergency, now that was a real experience.