Thursday, April 30, 2015

Small wonder

I can't find any 2.5 mm 16 inch circular needles, they are all busy. Guess the Little people crept up and grabbed my needles when I wasn't looking. Have 4 pair (whoops) on the go at present time, (have no idea how that happened). Will take the two blue-y pairs with on upcoming road trip.
Had thought about going south via the Vanc border crossing but due to unforeseen things will now cross the border south of Osoyoos, then weave my way south from there ending up somehow in Portland. Then back up I-5 to BC will stop and be picking up the rest of books and mags at Gails.

The plying from Tuesday worked out pretty good. To empty the 2nd Woolee Winder bobbin I plied the remaining turquoise with another single yarn with lots of pink and some turq together.

Once I'm back home from travels will certainly continue plying, darned shame I've let it get so far out of hand.

Another new follower, amazing 3 new f's in last week or so.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


For me the most disliked part of spinning my own yarn is plying, the way I spin plying is most needed and the reason I put it off for so long. Right now I want Woolee Winder bobbins to take with me to town for Wms Lakes spinning do on May 2nd, so hit the electric wheel this morning and started plying. 30 minutes and it looks like bobbins are almost untouched, instead I am hoping maybe 1/4 of the way. Will stick with it until both bobbins are empty. Then will do a couple more bobbins every chance I get until most are empty again, I can fill them up way faster than emptying them.

Woke up this morning just before 6am with my friendly flickers (not) pounding on the metal roof of old woodshed. But it was raining and that is very much welcomed, can almost see the grass growing, also had my herd of deer in the yard the usual 5.

The two containers I bought at Wally World are both filled one with my stash of Koigu and the other with Cascade Heritage sock yarn, wish I had bought 4 all together, need another for yarn from Hazel Knits and one for Lorna's Laces. But I promise that I will not be buying anymore sock yarns, none, nada, zero, zip or whatever. Will check in at WW when in town and see if they have any more of the same size.

Had been hoping to make a quick road trip after Wms Lk's spin in, down first to Gail's (guess not she must be crazy busy) then on to Seattle and east towards Spokane, at this point in time not sure if I want to make the drive since I'll be headed down to Tacoma at the end of May for NwRSA conference. Guess the best way to decide will be flipping a quarter.

After a really long time I have two new followers, welcome. Thought I was going to be stuck on 89 forever.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Went into town Thursday morning, had a good bit of important stuff to do, paid income tax, renewed license plate tags for another year, paid bills at bank, then up to friends around 3 pm. D loaded summer tires in the car, then played around with iTunes, glad I had brought laptop in with me, did several CD's for playing in the car on the way home. Friday morning presented myself and tires at Kal tire for winter tire change over, then SaveOn for groceries, headed west about 11:30, interesting drive home. Because I had changed over to summer tires hit snow just about Anahim Reserve, then all the way past Alexis Creek, looks like from what was at the sides of the road that there easily could have been 4-5 inches. But by the time I got to Redstone for gas it was all gone just made it, gas light has been on for some time. Gas stations are few and far between out here. Deer were all over the place quit counting at 23, glad roads were bare & dry. Did see a Telus truck in the toolies, must have happened last night when roads were still slippery.

Bought 2 Sterilite see thru plastic containers at Wally World one for Koigu and the other for Hazel Knits and such. I have enuff Koigu, there said it and that means I won't be buying anymore. Period, fer sure. Most bought when Linda K was clearing out her storage locker for $8 a skein, have kept it in plastic bags but worried about friendly flyers so decided the hard plastic would be safer.

40° F and mountains to the south are all socked in, hoping it mean rain. Ground is so very dry we could use a 2 or 3 day soaker.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Got in a bit over 45 minutes this morning at the spinning wheel, still working on the merino-nylon mix from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops. Have a small piece missing from the largest whorl on one of my Woolee Winder bobbins (all the rest are full) so am having to use the medium sized instead of the preferred largest size, will see when I go to OFFF this September if Nathan Lee can fix or maybe even replace. His service is way above what is considered normal.

Fay from Avola called me to let me know that Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC on 14th, radio station she gets (I don't) reports coldest spot every morning, quite often in the summer Tatlako wins. I remember because I had left my bedroom window almost wide open that night, woke up with comforter pulled over my head. Will get to see her and Elisabeth on May 2nd at Williams Lakes annual spinning do, one day event with lots of friends that come out of the wood work for the event.

Decided to put the red wool-silk mix socks in a short timeout instead will work on 2nd pair of conservative blue & green Monstersocks, sold the last pair I was working on and want to replace this pair for some of my retired socks from last winter.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Socks and Needles

Picked up a weeks worth of mail yesterday and was pleased to find the needles I had ordered from Knit Picks, 5 inch Harmony and 6 inch nickel plated, and in a case where I will keep needles when not in use.

Finished the blue-green Monstersocks last night while watching the Nucks lose the first game to Calgary. Had taken these with me to maybe work on for a break from spinning while at Desert Mesa, showed them unfinished and they sold to first person that they got to. Easily have enuff of the leftover bits to make another pair, close but not exactly the same, if I like the next pair will be keeping them for me. But before I start another pair of the blue-greens want to finish the red socks using Cascade Heritage wool-silk yarn, they will likely be Monstersocks as well, have already used purple and orange in first pattern. Kind of like painting but using sock yarn instead of paints.

Just went out to car (checking in all directions first in case a four legged critter is in the yard) and brought in my spinning wheel from last weekends DM trip. When I got home Monday groceries were the first priority, followed by knitting bags, suitcase etc. Will get it unpacked so when I want to spin it will be all ready.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Desert Mesa redux

Spring DM ran Thursday afternoon until after lunch on Sunday, then everyone loads up all their goodies and heads out. Smaller than normal crowd for spring but ever so enjoyable, can actually visit with people this way instead of just seeing the person sitting beside you. We spin and shop on the main floor with meals down a long flight of steps (just about did me in, hip after 12 steps or so complained and it had to be done 3 times a day).

While Lynne Anderson was setting up Karen B was in the room and got buried in Lynne's dyed fibre, love the pix. Then later in one of the days she was spinning stuff that matched her pants and shoes.

Gudie H had a visitor "Flat Stanley" visiting from Ajax, Ontario, dozen of pix were taken of Stanley in various places, my best two are below.

I bought a small amount of merino-nylon to spin after I finished 5 oz of a really dark coloured fibre, needed something easier on the eyes, orange cream-sickle is what I call it, Mary-ann Smith has a different name for it.

Even tho it was in the low teens (F) here this morning I believe spring is officially here, saw my first bear of this year on the Bailiff bypass on the way home yesterday, big black, crossing the road about 100 feet in front of me, no time tho for a pix, even if I had the camera right in my hands it wouldn't have worked, by the time I slowed down it was over the bank and headed for the bush.

Home now until I go back to Williams Lake for their annual one day spinning do on May 2. Will I am sure need more salad stuff by then anyway. This time bought 2 large bags of produce, had a large salad last night for supper along with 2 rotisserie chicken wings.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015


Came down my driveway just about 2 pm, stopped on the way by and picked up Lucas (car unloader), he had car completely unloaded in less than 10 minutes, would have probably taken me 2 days. I got perishables put away the rest can wait until tomorrow.

Trip to Whidbey wasn't one of my favorites, Judith Mackenzie's talk was video taped and put up on a screen but room wasn't dark enuff to see any color and that was what talk was about. I even left early for the first time ever.

Spinning wheel is staying in the car for upcoming Desert Mesa trip this Thursday thru Sunday, to heavy to bring in the house for 5 days. Will start laundry first thing tomorrow so stuff will be dry enuff to repack for departure this Wednesday. Will go in early enuff to get tires changed over, back to summers. And to get a much needed haircut. Plus will be dropping off inc tax stuff, that's always a thrill to see it gone.

Didn't buy any spinning fiber while at Whidbey, just 2 more of the little Folda cases for knitting bits like sewing needles, point protectors, stitch markers etc. And 2 pair of really sharp scissors that will fit in Folda case. A pair for me and one for Gail.

Biggest purchase was an iPhone, can't use it out here (no cell towers) but will be handy for my trips to town and while in states. Went with Rogers as service provider because there have an on demand $5 a day roaming fee while in states. So far have made one call, to Denise from Cache Creek telling her I was running late.

Glad to be home even if weather forecast for tonight is snow.

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