Way to early

Gonna be a long day, up just before 4:30 to racket outside, something was talking way to loud for 0dark thirty, and much to dark to see what it was. So whats to do, get up, make coffee and knit of course. Working on second sock for Lynne A, within one smallish pattern of the heel, with all the football on today and tomorrow hope to get well down the foot (providing hand holds out). Lots of breaks with stretching exercises, hopefully will help.

Low 30's this morning with much colder temps in forecast, sounds like soup weather. Got a pound pkg of extra lean ground beef and have all the veggies needed for a GB based vegetable soup, carrots, kale, cabbage, potato, celery and maybe some squash. Will get started on soup before first football game at 9am, letting the GB simmer for a good part of the day in a jar of home canned stewed tomatoes, veggies added much later.

Had 8 deer running up my driveway yesterday around 8am, looked to be all does. BC Hydro cleared a wide stretch along the east side of my fence so they could get in there with a couple of big trucks to replace a leaning power pole. So now deer coming from the wooden area just above the super hiway are now easily seen. And its wide enuff that when cows are headed for range they can now all funnel thru, then turn at the top and either continue on their journey or turn to come back down this way to do it again. But at least now the cowboys chasing them can get thru and hopefully steer them where they want them to go.

Thinking that I might have company after getting home I bought a few goodies, specialty crackers 2 kinds, fancy cheese (Brie, Boursin and a new one to me Laughing Cow), well company didn't materialize so have been enjoying the cheese & crackers on my own, no hardship at all.

Just finished my second cup of coffee so will head back to my knitting.

Sunday morning
Soup was made and one of my better batches. New follower, welcome Val.


  1. Your soup sounds perfect if you added barley. You sound all tucked in for a cold snap. Any progress on you broken window?

  2. Your day sounds very nice and relaxing. That's the kind of day I'm creating. It's been a very busy week, and frankly, I'm tired. Right now all of our trees in in full Autumn mode. It's very cloudy and lightly raining. It's a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the leaves are falling down with such grace and beauty. All of our windows are open and we can hear nothing but the rain and an occasional car. This is just the kind of day I needed. Thank goodness for the weekends!


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