Up early Thursday morning to get ready for trip to town, heard a big crash while still getting dressed, thought I had knocked something off the dresser in my bedroom, nope. Once out of bedroom and into living room immediately saw what noise had been, a grouse or something else big has crashed into the middle big window, hard enuff to smash the outside layer of glass, it was a Low E glass window , 2 layers with Argonne gas in between, nothing I could do but carry on into town, first place I went was Lake City Glass, someone will stop in sometime this week, measure and order replacement window.

Stayed in town with friends and first thing Friday morn headed for Farmers Market, except no one had ANY tomatoes, nada, zero. Then checked with Beaver Valley Feed Store and they had a small box of what I would call 3rd quality, have to cut lots off each tomato, barely better than nothing. Everything else went OK on the trip, loaded car at grocery store and left just after noon, home about 10 minutes when school bus dropped off unloader Lucas. Denise had picked up 4 flats of bottled water when it was on sale, so had quite a load, my house water still has funny taste, OK once boiled and for showers but prefer not to drink it. I take all empty water bottles back to town for recycling. After he unloaded car he put in lots of bags of stuff to go to the dump, after that dropped him off at his driveway on the way back home.

Working on first sock of pair going to JR on Vanc Island, dark gray is main colour then lots of colour into the patterns, so far so good, they will be fraternal.


  1. I hope the window is replaced before it gets too cold. I also hope the insurance will cover the replacement. We're getting ready to pick the last of the tomatoes- fall is fast approaching. I will miss my cheese and tomato sandwiches.


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