While looking for a small ball of the chartreuse yarn I just knew I had, found two more pair of socks underway and put aside for who knows why. So once I finished the blue Monsters got going on what I started calling the 5x7's. Finished them while watching football yesterday, then got the next pair out and got down past the heel also last night. And just as soon as it gets a little more done on it will put it aside and start on socks for JR on Vanc Island, two pair ongoing I can handle, will work a little on each until I am happy with progress.

Rain on Friday nowhere near enuff but every little bit helps, then Saturday morning new snow on my mountains, not much but definitely whiter up there than it was. I think the snow up on Niut is the smallest amount since I have lived in Tatlako, the mountains usually are snow capped all summer but not this year. But then was the hottest July & August since records have been kept.

This morning felt like soup weather is going to be happening soon, have chicken in freezer so likely will make a batch of chicken w/ rice yet this week, still have celery and hopefully will be able to get a few carrots while in Tatla on Wednesday. The predicted lows for this week are almost all at 0°C or 32°F, finally sweater weather, much prefer cool weather than the start sweating by 8 am stuff.

Had some of the wind storm that hit Vancouver Saturday and Sunday, not anywhere close to as bad as Vanc got hit, but strong enuff that leaves were blowing out of the trees.


  1. Glad to hear you got some rain, and it's cooler. I see we have some lows of 3-5 this week, crazy weather extremes it seems! Your socks are fabulous as ever!! The Leos sure are not off to a good start and our second favourite rough riders are bombing too.


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