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Finished the Orange Creamsicle merino-nylon, if all goes well it will be fingering weight once plied. Then got out the next fibre to spin from Rain City in Snohomish, WA bought both at NwRSA conf in early June. One is Polwarth - Silk the other is Merino - Silk both dyed in the same color path. Will be my next TdeFleece project.

Yesterday plied the 2 bobbins of the leftovers of the CMF's Merino, ended up with a smallish skein of 180 yards. Wasn't at all sure that the two different colours would work tog but after seeing them plied have changed my mind, think it will be OK for yarn.

Had frost yesterday morning and today temps in mid 50's at 6 am, weird weather, and by Sunday supposed to be really hot again for a day or so.


  1. How many yards do you think you will have spun by the time the Tour is finished, Lynne? Your spinning always amazes me. I can't believe you had a frost.

  2. A frat already? What a crazy summer! Your spun wool looks awesome !


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