Socks and Needles

Picked up a weeks worth of mail yesterday and was pleased to find the needles I had ordered from Knit Picks, 5 inch Harmony and 6 inch nickel plated, and in a case where I will keep needles when not in use.

Finished the blue-green Monstersocks last night while watching the Nucks lose the first game to Calgary. Had taken these with me to maybe work on for a break from spinning while at Desert Mesa, showed them unfinished and they sold to first person that they got to. Easily have enuff of the leftover bits to make another pair, close but not exactly the same, if I like the next pair will be keeping them for me. But before I start another pair of the blue-greens want to finish the red socks using Cascade Heritage wool-silk yarn, they will likely be Monstersocks as well, have already used purple and orange in first pattern. Kind of like painting but using sock yarn instead of paints.

Just went out to car (checking in all directions first in case a four legged critter is in the yard) and brought in my spinning wheel from last weekends DM trip. When I got home Monday groceries were the first priority, followed by knitting bags, suitcase etc. Will get it unpacked so when I want to spin it will be all ready.


  1. Always love your beautiful socks! I have the harmony needles from Knit picks and love knitting with them....only wish the sizes were colour coded...found I was knitting on three needles of one size and one needle of another size! finally sat down and got them all sorted out again. They are so easy on the hands!

  2. Fun! You are an amazing sock knitter!

  3. Love your latest socks! Very cool as always. The Harmony needles are so pretty! Too bad I have a tendency to break wooden sock needles. I also wear out bamboo ones. My current faves are Knitter's Pride Nova Cubics which are chrome-plated brass. They're square!

  4. When you knit your socks, how do you deal with the ends so they don't poke through to the frontside?

    1. I separate each of the plies then using a cuticle remover rough each end so hopefully once washed they will sort of felt to main part of sock.

  5. Can you post a picture of the cuticle remover you use? I looked in the store here and none of them have a rough end to use on the ends like you described.


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