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Who knew that a simple pix of some of my socks drying on my folding wood rack would generate almost 500 likes, last I checked Addicted to Socks list was at 475 likes and the rest from a Facebook post. Amazing.

Have started gathering up knitting to take with on my upcoming road trip, so far have unfinished first blue - green Monstersock, a start on a red pair (ribbing is done), and then at least one more pair of something. Will end up with almost as much yarn as clothes. But just in case will be prepared.

Lots of traffic and noise over by the river this morning, looks like I have another pair of Canada geese getting ready to claim river as theirs. Had a pair nesting a couple of years ago and this might even be same pair. Anything noisy will set them off flying in a big circle honking all the way, really really nice to be woke up before first light with two big honkers flying close by.

Have out a small pkg of chicken livers 8 oz, that and a few nugget potatoes, and a small spaghetti squash will see tonight's and tomorrow nights suppers, don't want anything leftover in fridge. Already got rid of anything in produce line that would spoil, Dee got it for chickens and piggies.


  1. Your socks are so beautiful! Have a great road trip!

  2. Here in southern Louisiana we get 2-3 Canadian Geese on our lake on occasion. A local service man tells me the flock lives on the lake at a nearby water ski school. (That must make for interesting skiing!) Hubby and I say the geese "never go anywhere without a travelog". HONK-honk-honk-honk-honk, says the designated commentator.

  3. I have been following you for several years and always love seeing the socks you produce. No wonder you have so many likes in so many places. You are amazing!

    Love seeing and hearing the geese too!

  4. Of course your socks deserve all the "likes"! It should actually be "loves", shouldn't it? Enjoy your geese, noisy as they are. The ones around here are all paired up for spring now too.

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