Sunday, February 1, 2015


Coming to watch Super Bowl, something wrong with either their remote or TV. She is bringing sandwiches and I made a large pot of burger vegetable soup, sure smelling good, a pound pkg. of extra lean burger, lots of carrots, celery, 2 small sized potatoes, home canned stewed tomatoes and a can of cannellini beans. Started it at 9 this morning so hopefully all will be blended by the time we eat it.

Saw a cow moose in my yard yesterday around 3:30, dark colored moose in even darker trees meant no pix, altho I stood out on porch for 10 minutes just in case it came back this way. First I've seen in my yard in a good long while.

Supposed to be getting snow today but right now sun is trying to shine and I can count the flakes coming down, guess environment Canada didn't guess right again.

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  1. That soup sounds yummy. I love Hamburger Soup in all it's incarnations! Not a flake to be seen on the Wet Coast - if we can get past Valentine's Day, we may go snowless into Spring. Happy Football.


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