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Way to early

Up this morning just before 4:30am, various critters talking, first coyotes then wolves, both sounded like they were east and maybe a bit south of my place. Kind of hard to tell exactly where they were because they are always moving. Tried going back to bed when noise calmed down but that didn't work as they soon started up again. So nothing to do but get up, start the coffee and knit before checking puter.

All but one of the parcels I mailed have arrived, still waiting to hear if Maggie's socks made it. Socks to Mel on Vancouver fit and she was happy, two pair of fingerless gloves rec'd one pair to Vanc Island and one pair to KY (pix below). Update Maggie has her socks, they fit and she likes them, so now happy to report all 4 parcels are in their new homes.

Another pair of baby socks went to Jo when she picked up my goodies for the dump, this is going to work just fine. I get to experiment with new designs and color combos and her grand daughter has warm feet. Pair I am…

This and That

Last winter traded a friend socks for her 2 kidlets for home canned stewed tomatoes, will never buy canned tomatoes in a can again. Liz's are so much better I've even been known to eat a spoonful right out of the jar before adding rest to soups or chili. So this year have started on more Nolund 10 I think is getting a pair of Opal 6 in faded denim blue color and Miss Maela will no doubt get something in pinks or purples.

Then made a smooth trade with gal living south of me she will stop on her way to the dump and gather up anything I have to go in trade for baby socks for new grand daughter. Slick. Variegated pink pair for the next time she stops.

Dave plowed my driveway so a big truck with round bales could come down, truck can't make the turn into his place so would have to try and find someplace to turn around almost impossible this time of year. Didn't have much notice truck was coming until I heard Jake brakes while coming down the drive, quick grabbed a camera an…


All weather alerts, warnings etc. have for now been lifted, bout time. Seems as tho the last half of December and first 8 days of January there has been snow fall warnings, freezing rain, more snow warnings. So happy to see the end of them.

Dave started plowing my driveway yesterday, he is expecting a big load of hay to come some time this weekend and its almost impossible for a big rig to make the turn from the road to his hayshed, its pretty nearly a straight shot via my drive. But since he wants to use it, it has to be plowed.

Knitting is in the slow lane just now, finished the Opal 6 socks for Nolund and am slowly working on the Monstersocks for Isabel, arthritis doesn't hurt so much if I don't push my self. The larger needles and heavier yarn sure goes fast and doesn't seem to aggravate hand so much. I do stretching exercises at least 4 times a day hoping that it will eventually help.

For the first time in many, many years I am going to make sloppy joes, have a newly…


Snowfall warning still in effect, while I haven't got near as much as some parts of the province, trust me its enuff. Early yesterday snow just starting and 11 am today after it snowed (fine and dry) all night. Temp steady yesterday at -16°C, has warmed up a bit now to -13°C (8°F). Don't want to go out to measure.

Day 1 and day 2.

Much smarter to stay indoors with my knitting and a batch of homemade chicken w/ rice soup.

Spent a good part of the morning on the phone with TD bank Visa fraud line, several charges that weren't mine, means now I have to get a new Visa card, at least 10 days before it arrives, meanwhile will have to call and explains why card was refused at several places. PITA. One I think was Jimmy Beans for latest batch of Koigu.

Two Junior hockey games on today first will be for the bronze medal then at 5 will be Canada vs Russia for the gold medal, early supper of the chicken w/ rice soup so I won't have to miss any of the 2nd game.

This and That

Sent the red gloves to MG to arrive hopefully in time for her to bring with to WA for her holiday trip. a pix was promised and ta da here it is. I am so happy that they fit and she likes them, always kind of a crap shoot when making stuff for people I don't know in far away places.

Only one other project on needles as of Jan 1, socks for Isabel on Vanc. Island, she wanted brown for the main colour and then whatever I wanted for everything else, fraternal Monstersocks. Quite like whats done so far, with World Junior hockey on later today and football all weekend should (hand permitting) get well along with first sock and maybe even the start of second. Not a very good pix but most of the colours show up a bit washed out. Hoping Isabel likes whats done so far.

A Special Weather Statement in Effect for the next several days, not snow flurries but periods of snow, heavy at times, with temps down near 0°F means what ever comes will be light and fluffy (or so I hope). No plans to go any…