Finished the first of the gray handspun socks, took a pix then set it aside. Have ribbing done on sock #2, will now be alternating between the socks left to do, a bit here and a bit there.

Then went to the KAL Monstersock and last night finished the first of this pair.

Straight away picked up the stripey Regia sock for the Addicted to Socks KAL, that's the one I am aiming to finish next. Have been really enjoying having a variety of projects to work on, keeps the interest.

According to my buddies at Environment Canada's weather page (choke, snorkle etc.) the predicted lows for Tatlako are -3°C (27°F) for tonight and then -8°C (18°F) for tomorrow, Yeehaw and so it starts. Even my small furry friends are trying to get in the warm house, yeah right, not acceptable, caught 2 last night and will set even more traps for tonight.

In between sock knitting, laundry, meals (that is easy tomatoes, tomatoes tomatoes) have also been at the spinning wheel, finished the first bobbin of the merino super wash from CMF, have about 2 oz left so started on another bobbin of the leftover. Have 8 oz of merino sw in plain white that I will spin next and then ply the two together.

The leaves are starting to turn into the falls golden color that is so beautiful. September I think is my favorite time of year in my wild mountain valley.

And a welcome to the two new followers. Do wish that blogspot could show who the newest followers are.

Life is good.


  1. Brrrrr.. I like that Regia yarn! It's supposed to go down to 2 or 3 here on Thursday night, far too early for that kind of silliness.

  2. It's hard to believe you already have temperatures below freezing. No wonder it doesn't work to grow your own tomatoes where you live! Karsten and Diana and Lucy are on holidays in Alberta right now and they've had snow. Karsten texted me a picture and it looked like January. They are supposed to fly back to Victoria today, but I see on CBC that lots of flights are cancelled or delayed.

    I love all of your socks! Are you still planning to come through Chilliwack this month?


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