So much for warm weather

48° and sorta raining, the rain is OK just wish we could go back to a bit warmer days, did have to cave and turn on heat for awhile this morning 40° when I got up just after 5 am, the flickers again playing music on chimney pipes. If'n I had a pellet gun would surely help chase them away.

Delivered two pair booties and baby socks yesterday, hope I remembered to tell her the one pair (Koigu) were hand wash only. Booties from the look of his feet might fit for a couple more days, while socks are a good bit bigger so should be OK right up to winter months. Now finally back to work on the orangerinos, first dec on leg and maybe another 10 rows so far today. Not planning on starting anything new until this pair and the other pair (blues, greens and purples) are done, famous last words. But I'll try.

Have a serious dislike of plying, so as a result have at lest 10 full bobbins and only 2 empties, with the Tour de Fleece coming up soon will have to get my tail in gear and empty some of the full ones.

I’m heading south for a mini road trip towards the end of month, down I 5 to north side of Columbia River then east for sometime, will eventually head north and end up in Spokane, after business there will head over to Ellensburg to visit a friend from Mi now living in Eburg. Will I think motel the whole trip except for Eburg time.

5 deer playing King of the Mountain in my yard area, running all over the place with nothing visible chasing them, just having a good time.


  1. Here in SC we are too experiencing cooler weather, after a bout of Summer weather! Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your blog - Harve and Sade told me about it several years ago and I have been reading it periodically. (Sade is actually my mom's first cousin!) Harve tells me often how much he enjoyed his visit with you years ago.


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