And not much to write about any way. Still working on two pair of socks and the gloves pulled from an old project bag that had been hidden away for some time. Will take gloves and the socks with me on upcoming road trip, will be away for a week +. Got all my woolie socks washed in Eucalan and now on wooden rack to dry. Should have internet access when I stop at motels for the night if not will find a local library.

Have had a bit more rain, enuff that grass and weeds are growing like crazy, must seriously think about a riding lawnmower to keep yard trimmed back, helps with skeeter control as well. And for upcoming fire season it make an area away from the house with no dead grasses.

Will be taking my spinning wheel with me and plan to spin in the motels when I stop for the night.


  1. Have a great trip.I always enjoy reading your blog even though I don't comment often.


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