More gloves

The official Olly gloves. Started the knitting during the opening ceremonies, finished yesterday morning 10 am (2-16-14). Think of all the gloves I have made like this pair the best. Lots of Ollies yet to go and still lots of bits of Koigu so started another pair, variegated reds will be the main color then lots of solids and variegated.

Have had a few days of much warmer temps, low to mid 30°'s instead of 30° below zero, warmer weather always a treat. But with the warmth has come the south winds, have taken to carrying a flashlight in my pocket after dark. The tracks I made when I went to get the mail are completely smoothed over now from blowing snow.

Found a plain pizza shell in the freezer, and have an unopened small block of mozz cheese, with remaining can of pizza sauce, some bacon, canned mushrooms and a bit of garlic will have a meal fit for the Queen. Also found a pkg of ground beef so next major meal will be chili, still have canned tomato pieces, and a can of Bush's chili beans. Big batch will last 3 or 4 days, love saltine cracker with chili and still have an unopened box of them, so good for nearly a week.


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