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Finished the second pair of Olly gloves Saturday evening 8:20 pm just ahead of cutoff on Sunday at end of the closing ceremonies. Relief. I traded them to a gal in Ontario for 4 skeins of Koigu.

Giving gloves a timeout for awhile and will instead go to knitting Bearlys out of leftover handspun yarns, its prolly been 2-3 or more years since I made one and had to take a look at pattern to just be sure fingers knew what to do, one quick look and everything clicked. I've prolly made several hundred over the years so it was just a case of remembering. Pix of Bearlys taken on my loveseat and it was so long ago that I was still using the old Sony Mavica digital camera, long time ago. Latest Bearly ready to be stuffed then the head added, used a 2.5 mm set of DP's would have been better if I would have had the next size up in DP's. Will pick up the needed sizes when I go down to Whidbey in early April.

Have decided to head into town Wednesday after knitting bee (30 minutes closer …


Glove #1 of second Olly challenge pair finished, #2 well into patterns around thumb increases. And they are traded to lady in Ontario for 4 skeins Koigu. Thought I might have more interest in trades but happy so far with the one I do have.

Below zero F this morning, and forecast is for 22°F below tonight, have big green wool blanket (from Scotland) over top of the comforter, wool bed socks (thanks Clarinda), just my nose is all that gets cold. Craving a big pot of vegetable soup but don't have any produce on hand, weather window is looking good for early next week so will go in and buy load of fresh produce and fruit. Spinach salad and more soups in the close future.

Gloves again or still

Have been entertaining the thought of seeing if anyone would like to trade skeins of Koigu for a pair of gloves knit from my stash. With the price of Koigu around $13 should think 4 skeins would be about right. Likely could only handle maybe 2 trades since it take a bit of time to knit a pair. First glove of current pair maybe 1/3 of the way. Using variegated reds for main color then odds & sods as needed. Hope to have pair finished by the end of the Olly's.

Plan for the pot of chili put on hold, would rather make salmon patties instead, easier on the insides.

Sideways snow earlier, what went by here could easily have landed in downtown Tatla Lake 20 miles away. Has now stopped for this minute but looks like more any minute now. Mountains and southern end of the valley all socked in with what looks like more white stuff.

More gloves

The official Olly gloves. Started the knitting during the opening ceremonies, finished yesterday morning 10 am (2-16-14). Think of all the gloves I have made like this pair the best. Lots of Ollies yet to go and still lots of bits of Koigu so started another pair, variegated reds will be the main color then lots of solids and variegated.

Have had a few days of much warmer temps, low to mid 30°'s instead of 30° below zero, warmer weather always a treat. But with the warmth has come the south winds, have taken to carrying a flashlight in my pocket after dark. The tracks I made when I went to get the mail are completely smoothed over now from blowing snow.

Found a plain pizza shell in the freezer, and have an unopened small block of mozz cheese, with remaining can of pizza sauce, some bacon, canned mushrooms and a bit of garlic will have a meal fit for the Queen. Also found a pkg of ground beef so next major meal will be chili, still have canned tomato pieces, and a can of Bush'…

Pre Olly gloves

Wanted fingers to remember what to do before starting Olly gloves during opening ceremonies tomorrow. Black Cascade Heritage is the main color and 3 different reds and 3 of the purples.

Just checked TV schedule for the opening ceremonies and I can get them at 7 am on CBC, NBC doesn't start coverage until 4 pm, guess where I'll be watching. Thinking Canadian coverage is going to be way better than NBC showing just the highlights every evening.

Have had another arctic outflow the last several days with -31°C the low on Wednesday night, that is 24° F below zero, Punzi Mountain just 60 road miles north and east had it get down to -40° that's the same as F. Added my heavy wool blanket over top of comforter, made it much more comfortable for sleeping.

Had a bull moose run thru the yard south of the house, much to fast to get to camera. First time for a moose of any kind in the yard in at least 10 years.