Propane truck

Finally have my propane tank full, last I saw them was the end of September, was beginning to be worried. Geez that stuff is expensive, my whole pension check for this month filled tank, wooeee glad I don't have to do this any more often. With any luck and continue mild winter it should last well into summer. 0° C now and instead of turning up propane much more comfortable to wear a wool sweater.

Down to the heel on second green scrapper sock, moving right along. Will finish it way to early to start on the Olly wild & crazy gloves, so will squeeze something else in. Not sure just yet what.

Williams Lake had freezing rain last night so I caved and decided I didn't need groceries bad enuff to deal with icy roads. Propane driver said it was icy from WL all the way to Riske Creek, wouldn't have been a fun drive.


  1. Sure glad that you decided not to head into town.

  2. We have discovered that propane is expensive since moving to our cottage. Our fireplace runs on propane and we had no clue it was costing so much when we were leaving it on all day. No clue, that is, until the truck came, filled the tank, then left the bill at the front door. Needless to say, we no longer leave the fireplace on all day!


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