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Missing needles

My 4 inch 2 mm needles have gone walkabout, have checked every bag and possible place they could be, nope. I try and keep all the 4 inchers in one place, have 1.75 and 2.25, but the 2 mm are the most I use, so next trip to OFFF will try and pick up another set of 2mm thus guaranteeing I will find the original ones as soon as I get home.

Sam electrician was just here and I have heat in wool room again, he seemed to think the fake logs were maybe blocking the gas flow, , it usually goes out after a big wind. He will pick up another thermocouple when he goes to town next trip, just in case.

Mini sock knitting didn't go very well, made 2 small socks and then the arthritis in left hand kicked into gear, so started a pair of gloves instead, have first one almost done should get #2 done before Olly's start and I do the Koigu wild & crazy gloves.

-24°C here this morning that's -12°F, cold in either, but nowhere near as cold as eastern states and Canada. And if environment Cana…

More scrap socks

Did the first sock while watching most of two football games plus the latest Downton Abbey. And the 2nd sock over the next 5 days. Think I have enuff of the leftovers bits to make another pair, but for now won't get into another pair of socks. Saving my energy for upcoming Oll-lim-pics knitting will get into another pair of wild & crazy gloves knit with Koigu. Some people get their knickers all twisted when anybody says they are doing Oll-lim-pics knitting.

While I wait for glove knitting to get underway will make several pair of mini socks and a couple of pair of baby booties, never can have to many of them laying around.

Another day of clear blue sky, and way above normal temps, 42° F, no heat on now in the house or wool room, solar heat doing the job. Once sun sets behind big west mountains (another half hour or so) temps start dropping and I will have to turn some heat on. But I'll take all this weather I can get, altho having said that would like to see a couple of we…

Propane truck

Finally have my propane tank full, last I saw them was the end of September, was beginning to be worried. Geez that stuff is expensive, my whole pension check for this month filled tank, wooeee glad I don't have to do this any more often. With any luck and continue mild winter it should last well into summer. 0° C now and instead of turning up propane much more comfortable to wear a wool sweater.

Down to the heel on second green scrapper sock, moving right along. Will finish it way to early to start on the Olly wild & crazy gloves, so will squeeze something else in. Not sure just yet what.

Williams Lake had freezing rain last night so I caved and decided I didn't need groceries bad enuff to deal with icy roads. Propane driver said it was icy from WL all the way to Riske Creek, wouldn't have been a fun drive.

Two football games = 1 sock +

And Downton Abbey. Have even finished the ribbing on sock #2 and 20 or so rows of just knitting. Had soup for lunch and popcorn at halftime of 2nd game for supper. Hey works for me.

Of all the shows I have watched on TV am enjoying Downton Abbey as much or maybe more than anything else ever, even left off the second football game with time to go to make sure I didn't miss the start of DA. As soon as season #4 is available to buy will order from Amazon and one lousy weather day will have a marathon day of all 4 years.

Neighbors talking of the critter kind

And the language they were using was awful. Another morning of being woke up just before 5 am by my four legged friends, local wolves do enjoy seeing how many people that will turn on the outside lights. Never do see them but boy oh boy can they sing. Must have been a pack with youngsters, some of the howling was different, beginners I guess. My football games don't start until 1 pm something so may be able to get in a mid morning nap.

Now that 'the knee socks' are finished will start another pair of just scrap socks using a many leftover bits of greens as I can find (and that might be many). And soon I want to make several more pair of mini socks.

Yesterdays chicken with rice soup was successful, ended up not having any brown rice so used white, Had a new 2 lb bag of that. One of the few thing that I have lots of. So instead of wondering when I could get anything done for supper (football and then Downton Abbey), will be able to reheat my favorite meal, soup. And no dish…

The Knee Socks

Hallelujah. Finished. Last night. All the ends are dealt with, not many as I finished them off as I went along. Relief. Now back to regularly scheduled knitting. Various shots of progress made over the life of sock #2.

Two football games on the telly tomorrow, the young guns vs. the wily older vets. And since I won't be wanting to mess in the kitchen have started another pot of chicken soup, maybe with rice this time. Still have carrots and celery to add. Not keen on much more added, the rice and 2 vegetables will suit me just perfect.

Now to find something else to knit while I await the start of the Olly wild & crazy gloves.

this & that

Knee sock progress update. 40 rows into the patterned foot only another 35 rows to do then the toe. Hallelujah.

Meanwhile and far away dug out all my leftover odds & sods of Koigu for upcoming Team Canada Ravellenics , planning on more wild & crazy gloves. Will use either the orange (have another bigger ball) or the turquoise. Starting date is Feb during opening ceremonies in Sochi. Depending on how much I watch I may even attempt the start of a second pair.

Just talked to a friend in Williams Lake aka 'the puddle' and if weather window stays good may go to town early next week, haven't been in since Nov. 22 so have run out of loads of stuff. OJ, milk, bread, fruit, produce and much more. Especially looking forward to a large kitchen sink salad.


Unusually mild for January in the mountains of BC, 36° F high for today with a strong Chinook wind blowing, see the odd snowflake coming so maybe later today we might get some of the white stuff (much needed).

I finished this pair of socks just before Christmas and going back to work on the first knee sock. Got it out of small project bag today and finished all the ends, looks better now than it did while I was working on them.

Have 30 rows of ribbing on 92 stitches on second knee sock and 13 rows of the first pattern, oh geez the colors got scrambled. Will make sure the next pattern is close to first sock then may well mix the rest up. Or so I am now thinking.

Had a phone call from a long time friend in Ontario wondering if I was lonely or depressed over the holidays, told her no not a chance, to much going on, World Junior hockey games on the telly, the knee sock to figure out, and even got at spinning wheel on several different days. Cooked a turkey breast so I could eventually mak…

The 1st Knee Sock

Finished last night, and have already cast on for 2nd. Hope it doesn't take another 3+ months to knit. Don't have any other projects on the go right this minute but am sure that will change over the time it takes to work on this one. And will I ever take on another pair of knee socks, nah I don't think so, someone please shoot me if I even slow down to think about same. The pix I took showing progress and last the finished sock, all ends taken care of. Actually worked on taking care of ends as I knit the sock so last night had only a half dozen to deal with.

Weather continues mild, after seeing the news this morning makes me glad I live where I do. Altho this situation can change at any time.

Last night just before my shower took on a self inflicted homey. Took the scissors to the sides of my hair, took off at least 2 inches just around ear area, feels ever so much better, next will have a go at some of the curly mess on top.

This & That

Simmered the leftover turkey breast on Monday, then today took remaining meat off the bones (maybe 3 cups), added almost 4 c of chopped celery, 2 c carrot wheels (out of onions) and a container of chicken stock. Now to let everything simmer for several hours will then add some sort of noodles and bingo another 3 or 4 meals off the wonderful turkey breast. Easily pleased I am. I take all skin and other like scraps to Christine for her big dog, make sure no bones have got into container. Won't see her until next knitting bee on 4 Jan. To keep it in good shape put into a cottage cheese container and then into freezer.

Will watch the Rose Bowl at 1:30 with the knee socks at hand, think I can actually see the finish of sock number one in next day or so.

Didn't stay up to see the New Year in, was in bed just after 10, to many nights reading until way to late had finally caught up with me.