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Another pair of Monstersocks

Finished this pair last night while watching MI get their bunnies beat by Kansas, Brady 'the Joke' Hokey has to go. But at least the knitting went well. Did 10 rows on this pair and 10 rows on knee socks, first of that pair should be finished in next day or so. If you can take a look at the difference between top and bottom of foot, patterns slightly different.

Have had turkey for lunch and supper since Christmas, enuff, tomorrow the leftovers are going into the soup pot, much easier to eat turkey noodle soup until its gone. Will try to never buy another turkey breast so big. Enuff left tho that it will be a good batch of soup.

Weather continues on mild side, whats starting to look scary tho is lack of snow. Unless we get a whole lot in Jan & Feb will be a long dry summer, scary for fires.

Socks well rec'd

Mailed socks to Nolund and hoped they would fit, they did and I think he liked them. Started them shortly after doing the 3 pair for 2 year old Maela, and then they kind of got shuffled into a long time out, while I was on the finishing kick awhile back dug them out and finished.

Then got started on a pair of handspun fingerless gloves and socks for KJ in Sask, they also fit and were worn when it was in the -30's in Sask. Owed the socks from a long time ago when K delivered my entertainment center and installed same. Never forgot just didn't want to knit so much plain (very little color) socks.

Weather in here continues to be what I call wonky, south wind and warm temps, mid to upper 40's, most usual. Not totally unheard of but nevertheless I sure don't like it.

Still working on the knee socks and the pair for the Monstersock KAL on Ravelry. Nice having leftover turkey for sandwich for lunch them reheated for supper.

Merry Christmas

Just got turkey breast from freezer into fridge to slowly thaw, almost 8 pounds guarantees I'll be eating turkey for awhile. This time tho I will freeze some before I get to tired of it. The ones I am getting now come with all the ribs etc attached, once its cooked will use big kitchen shears to cut that part off for the soup, will likely do the soup about 3 days after cooking the breast. Still have lots of celery, carrots and noodles for the soup.

Knee sock progress continues, well down the foot and can actually start thinking about it being finished. With many football bowl games and the World Junior hockey games on the tube starting Boxing day I'll have lots of knitting time. Almost think I like the Junior hockey as much as I do football.

One of my Christmas special treats is to open a jar of deluxe mixed nuts, will no doubt last me for a couple of months, then get to open another on my birthday. Hopefully by mid March I will have been into town and big grocery stores, anot…

Knee sock progress

One more gusset decrease to do, then clear sailing down to the toe. To fit the person that they are for, and her unusual shaped heel I went with 68 stitches, 34 on heel and 34 on top of foot, BUT when last decrease is done for gusset will do one more on bottom then will decrease one st each side of top of the foot, down to usual 64 sts, hoping this all works out according to plans. Can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. And since I kept detailed notes on what I did on #1, second sock should be much easier (I hope).

Cooked a turkey breast for American Thanksgiving thought I would be turkeyed out but thinking I may do another for Christmas, the one I have in the freezer is bigger than I normally do so will again be eating turkey for at least a week+ then the best part IMHO turkey noodle soup. That I can eat every night.

Yard is pretty well snow free, several nights with above freezing temps and strong Chinook winds did a thorough job. May even be a snow less Christmas one …


Just spent about 30 minutes looking for my well used and loved sock chart, showing me all the various sizes, number of stitches to be used for turning heel etc. Turns out it had slipped in behind some stuff I never look at and was well disguised, was verra glad to have found it because sock for Gudie has more stitches on the heel than I normally use so wanted to verify the count (more of a security blanket than anything else). Much easier to do it right the first time than guessing and maybe having to rip it out to change the numbers.

The pix are from the Ravelry Monstersock KAL, utilizing all my leftover blues & greens from various socks knit in 2013. Have started on #2 but am going to set it aside for a few while I work on the knee socks.

A week ago weather in here was in an arctic blast, 28° below zero and today its well into the 40's F, 95% of the snow is gone and on my driveway where the tracks were it now ice. Think I'll stay off it until we either get more snow or i…

Small pork loin roast

Just put a small pork loin roast in the crock pot with a topping of brown sugar, honey, minced garlic, soy sauce, Parmesan cheese, 2 T olive oil and basil, now on low for 6+ hours. Imagine it will start smelling incredible long before its ready to eat. Will also have a spaghetti squash instead of potatoes. Haven't cooked any pork in months so this will be something different.

Still working on just 2 pair of socks, knee sock is now to the heel, maybe 12 rows on it so far, then the KAL from Monstersock list also now well down past heel. Trying to work 10 rows on each, switching keeps interest.

Next project will be to go out and clean off my car, prolly 8-10 inches of the white stuff then will shovel it to the side so I can hopefully drive out tomorrow. Much warmer now than it has been, mid teens F instead of way below zero F temps.

Milder (sorta)

Coldest I recorded in latest arctic outflow conditions was -33°C or 28° below zero F. Has moderated a bit now just a few degrees below zero F, much easier to take. Even wore silk long handles under my pj's the coldest couple of nights, of course its my own fault for not letting any heat into my bedroom, like it cold to sleep under big down comforter.

Still only the two projects on my needles the knee socks for Gudie are at the heel and the pair utilizing the blue & green leftovers from 2013 projects. Monstersock list on Ravelry has a leftover KAL, I don't usually get in on stuff like that but had enuff of the colors I thought I'd give it a shot. So far socks are coming out better than I thought they would.

Chicken vegetable soup yesterday, cabbage, carrots, celery, potato and leftover fresh spinach, liked it well enuff to do again but likely without the fresh spinach (its all gone now). Not looking like I’ll be going to town anytime soon, driving the 3 hours in is just…

Cold snap lingers

Cold again this morning -27°C and that is -16.6°F (below zero), cold either way. One more meal of the turkey noodle soup then will have to come up with something else, maybe a cabbage based vegetable soup.

Working on two projects (before I went on UFO kick) I had 6, so pleased to have only the two, both of course socks. Knee socks for Gudie are withing an inch or so of starting the heel, this is the one and only pair of knee socks I am planning on doing, just seems to be taking forever to see any progress.

Then the Monstersock lists KAL (knit along), gathered up leftovers from various socks this year and came up with a mostly blue based sock, have enuff to maybe change colors around a bit. First pix are all the leftovers, 2nd is the sock at current stage and 3rd is sock and the 3 colors now attached in project bag from Maggie Alexander.

Trying to not think of anything new until at least one of currents are done.

soup or stew

Time to decide on one or the other, meat off the bones, carrots and celery in the broth, will add the leftover gravy as soon as I decide. If I do the stew route will add dumplings (homemade), with the soup just noodles. Either will be most welcome during this cold snap we are having, -21° C (-6°F) with colder temps predicted for the rest of the week.

So very glad Sam was able to get the propane stove in wool room working again, would not have been able to do anything out here without it working. Sunshine sure helps and today's sky is clear blue. Nice.

Finally went with the noodles instead of the dumplings, just wasn't hungry enuff for the heavier meal. Had almost more carrots and celery than turkey.

Winter dropped

Big change since yesterday, from bare ground to a world of white. -12°C (10°F) and still snowing, yesterday it barely got below freezing temps (30°) and for the most part of the day was much warmer. Temps really aren't to bad its the north wind that keeps the house feeling chilly. So very lucky that Sam (electrician) came by yesterday and got the propane stove in wool room working again. Dressing in layers, starting with a silk undershirt, long sleeved turtle neck and then a lite weight cotton sweater, plus of course wool socks, keeping me quite comfortable.

As usual on Sunday watched some football on the tube and knit on (and finished) the pair of handspun socks I had been working on, its my favorite BFL-Silk mix. Should keep the feet warm of the person that will be getting them. Last week in town I finished socks for Nolund, will get them mailed as soon as I can.

Now back working on knee socks for Gudie, thinking I can finally see progress. And have gathered leftovers for the n…