Town & Turkey

Had a good weather window the first of the week so headed to town Monday around 9am, got a bunch of stuff done before heading up to friends to spend the night. Then Tuesday into SaveOn (grocery store) for a major order, lots of produce (2 big bunches celery), salad greens, spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage and so on. Also 4 flats of water 24 bottles in each, my water still isn't good to drink. Got home just before 3pm brought in frozen stuff and just after 1st load in the house Lucas came along (prearranged) and carried in everything else, then I drove him home with moneys in his pocket. It is so easy for him to carry heavy stuff up the steps and if'n I had to do it would still be bringing stuff in.

Went to knitting bee yesterday and picked up 6 loaves multigrain bread (homemade) on the way home, will be perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches. Medium sized turkey breast in oven, will later do a yam, and a spaghetti squash, will do nicely for several meals then of course turkey noodle soup. That IMHO is the best part.

Finished Nolund's socks while in town and started on a pair of handspun BFL-Silk socks, with the bit heavier yarn and 3.25 mm needles the knitting is going fast, already almost finished the decreases on the gusset. So right at this point in time only 2 projects on the needles, everything else is done. And that is a most comforting feeling.

Life is good.


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