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Town & Turkey

Had a good weather window the first of the week so headed to town Monday around 9am, got a bunch of stuff done before heading up to friends to spend the night. Then Tuesday into SaveOn (grocery store) for a major order, lots of produce (2 big bunches celery), salad greens, spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage and so on. Also 4 flats of water 24 bottles in each, my water still isn't good to drink. Got home just before 3pm brought in frozen stuff and just after 1st load in the house Lucas came along (prearranged) and carried in everything else, then I drove him home with moneys in his pocket. It is so easy for him to carry heavy stuff up the steps and if'n I had to do it would still be bringing stuff in.

Went to knitting bee yesterday and picked up 6 loaves multigrain bread (homemade) on the way home, will be perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches. Medium sized turkey breast in oven, will later do a yam, and a spaghetti squash, will do nicely for several meals then of course turkey…

This & That

Cold enuff yesterday that thoughts of soup were in my head like a new sock pattern. So chicken with rice on the menu, lots of carrots and more of the dehydrated celery from SK. Had it for supper yesterday and was a most excellent batch.

Another UFO finished, gray Cascade Heritage sock yarn with lots of little ball of Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. Now well down the foot of Nolund's almost camo sock, first one but they are small enuff that should finish either tomorrow (lots of football games on the tube) or Sunday with more football. After Nolund's sock are done have a pr of handspun to do as well as working on the w&c knee socks. So no lack of things to do, keeps me off the streets at night out of pool halls and beer parlors. LOL

Up way to early

Coyotes singing just after 5 am, sounded like they were to the south and moving, maybe chasing something. Like hearing them but wish they could have waited another couple of hours. So will finish this and then watch the shenanigans from Toronto on the telly and knit on current sock, maybe 1/3 of the way down the leg now. Using up the small balls I had stashed and before long will have to break into a new ball to finish.

Snowed mostly all day yesterday but really didn't amount to much, porch easily swept off with just a broom. Sky now is looking like more snow again any minute. Temp is at -11°C (13°F) so certainly cold enuff.

Found another UFO socks I had started for Nolund, most of heel flap on first sock knit, won't take much to finish them, so knee socks are still in time out while I finish stuff.

Never talked to anyone yesterday only phone call was a telemarketer, after my Hello then silence I just hung up. Even having my name on do not call list hasn't slowed down unwa…

New 'F' word

Flurries. Every time they are in the forecast we end up with way more than prediction. And just ahead of an arctic blast temps down below zero F for next 3 days (-20's C). But hey it sure gives us something to talk about.

Still working on UFO's, just got past the ribbing on second sock from the pair that had been stashed in a project bag for a bit of time. The two small balls beside the second sock won't be enuff to finish so will have to get into the new ball in back of pix. Next will be to finish socks for Nolund first sock is setting with heel almost finished.

Facebook has been wonky the last couple of days, went just over 24 hours with no updates, none, then today some stuff is starting to show up, glad to see people (friends) showing up again.

More soup (now a twice weekly event), used up the last of the lamb shoulder roast and made a pot of Scotch Broth, traditional until I added a medium sized potato, then the carrots, barley, celery. Potato worked for me and will d…


Knitting Bee yesterday in glorious (snort) downtown Tatla Lake, finished another UFO, Christmas gift so can't report or post a pix, sock in last blog pix nearly down to the heel. Once its finished will get back to knee sock (also getting close to the heel). Stopped on the way home and picked up my lamb, cut, wrapped and frozen, have a shoulder roast out for tonight's supper. Believe from the feel of the roast its been de boned. Haven't had any lamb in prolly 15 years so am really looking forward to this.

Yesterday was so unseasonably warm that a jacket was barely needed 53°F. 90% of remaining snow melted, just have to remind myself not to get complacent, supposed to be down near 10° F over the weekend and then to just make it interesting rain in forecast for early next week. Already have my ice cleats on my boots just in case.

Neighbor has finally gathered up the cows that were visiting, but I'd bet the ranch that they will bust out again. Seems as tho grass on the oth…


UN Finished objects. Today is the day that all I will be working on are UFO's, seems like that this happened before I was really aware at how many I had.

First pix is socks that got into project bag after Desert Mesa and once out of sight, then pix of Gudie's knee socks (current project) then a pair of socks (about 2 yr old size) finished this morning. Also have a couple of Christmas goodies on needles that I won't put pix up just yet, both are handspun BFL-silk mix. So have enuff to work on to keep me happy at how lucky I am to still be able to work on such nice colorful projects.

My neighbors boys (bulls) and girls are still hanging around, so far they are staying on the outside of my fence. Highland cattle in various shades. Kind of nice to see as long as they respect my fence.

Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to celebrate all that the armed forces do for us. All my brothers served in the US military.