Amazon finds

Poking around grocery department at Amazon found 2 different things I've been looking for, hadn't found either in years. Check every time I get in a grocery store in states but no luck until tonight, then found they won't ship to Canada. bummer. Can bet I will order it for delivery to my friends in the states for pickup next time I am down (won't be now until next April). Kraft Tangy Italian Spaghetti boxes and Read's German potato salad in cans are the two goodies I have been looking for.

Current sock, all leftover bits of various sock yarns.

After these socks are done and I try on the knee socks for Gudie will get back to knitting on them. Then further down the road I have half a dozen different handspun blues & greens that will be going into a sweater.


  1. socks are really pretty - love the pinks and reds


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