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The Pinkies

Finally finished the pinkies, seemed to take forever to get this pair done (Desert Mesa and OFFF cut into knitting time). Finished the toe last night and this morning dealt with all the ends while watching the fun & game news out of Toronto, what a mess that is turning out to be. Only a bit better than the other foolishshenigans from Ottawa.

Now that pinkies are done can get back to the wild & crazy knee socks for Gudie. Had put them on hold until I made sure of top ribbing fit, tried them on G while at DM looks like I guessed the number of stitches just right. About to do the second decrease row going down the leg.

Made a big batch of chicken vegetable soup yesterday (cabbage, kale, potatoes, carrots, and celery, leftover chicken) was a good batch and have enuff for supper tonight and maybe lunch tomorrow. Now that weather is getting cooler I will likely make soup once or more every week. Like it that much. Will have to pick up more kale, celery and carrots next trip to town…


Thought I was updating my blog instead just a Facebook message. Heck & darn. Having trouble sending messages from laptop so all this may be in vain, but will try.

Bought two colors of BFL from Smith & Ewe at Desert Mesa, both may or may not be going into sweaters down the road, want to wait and see yarn spun up first. For now just fiber to fondle.

Got the pair and a spare to Gudie, first glove I did had to much patterning in the fingers and they weren't as easy to get on as they should be so made another pair with solid colored fingers, much better. So this way if she should loose one a hard to get on spare will work. Also tried on the knee sock ribbing, wanted to make sure of fit before going any further, they fit her leg just fine so once current socks are finished will get back to work on the knee socks.

Had to hire a local boy to haul heavy things into the house from the car, two flats of water, suitcase, spinning wheel, chairs etc., etc. asked him if he would be inte…

Home again

Down my driveway just after 12:30 on Tuesday, a day later than I thought I would be. Had problems with face rash again this time affecting my left eye area so back to emergency in Williams Lake (had my knitting this time) for blood work, etc., etc., antihistamines did the job so some sort of allergic reaction again. Heck & darn wish I knew what set everything off.

Nolund and Maela wearing the mittens I made for them and Maela with one of the 3 pair of socks she got earlier this fall.

Went to knitting bee today taking a couple of big ripe tomatoes, cucumber and bread for sandwiches, biggest group in a long time 7 were there so was glad tomatoes were big ones. Stopped first at the clinic so they would have a list of the face repairing meds on my chart.

Desert Mesa day 3

Day 3 at Desert Mesa spinning long weekend. Group is making a shawl and everyone working on it will be entered in a draw for someone to take it home, have been getting pix as its gone about the room. I worked on the orange color then Gail got it and it went around. Pix of Sheila K and Nancy working on it, has grown quite a bit since last pix.

Last pix is Julia in an upcycled silk sari skirt that she salvaged.

The food this year is much better than last year, only thing for lunch on Friday they had those sausage things with a bun that made me so sick last year, needless to say I passed and just had a bowl of soup and some crackers. Tonight's supper was roast turkey with all the fixings, really excellent.

Will head north after lunch tomorrow and prolly home Monday.


This is the sweater I am thinking about right now.

But before I can get into it have knee socks to finish and the February Ladies sweater out of BFL-Silk mix to get started on.

Amazon finds

Poking around grocery department at Amazon found 2 different things I've been looking for, hadn't found either in years. Check every time I get in a grocery store in states but no luck until tonight, then found they won't ship to Canada. bummer. Can bet I will order it for delivery to my friends in the states for pickup next time I am down (won't be now until next April). Kraft Tangy Italian Spaghetti boxes and Read's German potato salad in cans are the two goodies I have been looking for.

Current sock, all leftover bits of various sock yarns.

After these socks are done and I try on the knee socks for Gudie will get back to knitting on them. Then further down the road I have half a dozen different handspun blues & greens that will be going into a sweater.

Soup weather

Crock pot vegetable soup started about 10 am, cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, pot barley, softer stuff like kale, spinach, potatoes will go in later, if I had a turnip would have added it as well. Was going to start this Tuesday morning but still wasn't feeling up to snuff, today much better.

Roy Paul was here yesterday to deal with critter in attic, he set traps and before he got home trap was sprung, a critter caught. He is coming back later today to remove same, will get to see what it was, suspect a squirrel. He said attic didn't smell anything like a maybe pack rat, relief. He also closed hole in screen (flickers) above the wool room, putting in poison before doing so. Never heard anything running around after trap was sprung so hopefully just the one critter.

15° F this morning, will be a relief to have snow tires on the car, have an appointment next Wed at 1 pm.

Saturday 2 pm It was indeed a pack rat, properly disposed of now, fish food.

OFFF redo

Got home last Friday from the OFFF trip, left Gail's Thursday morning and drove up towards the high country. Stopped in Spences Bridge for what I had hoped to be 20 lbs. real field ripened tomatoes, organic (the kind grown outside in real dirt) but once there found I had to buy 30 lbs. (what a hardship), was a u pick deal but when he saw my handicapped permit on car guy picked for me. Sweet. And I have eaten one with every meal since getting home. Then traveled north and got to Denise's in the Willie and crashed, not feeling so hot, cold and chin bothering me. A good nights sleep and left Friday morning, home just around 3:30 pm, brought in perishables (half the 34 lbs. tomatoes) covered the rest and quit for the day, promptly fell asleep in recliner until 9 pm, got a shower and hit my bed. Over next couple of days brought in everything else from the car except for spinning wheel, will leave it there for upcoming DM trip.

My spinning wheel and turq merino-nylon mix I've be…

The road north

Is on hold now until Thursday. Spent 6 hours in emergency at Langley Memorial with bad rash-crud on my chin, first went to walk in clinic and the DR there said to go to hosp as in right now, so I did then sat in emerg without my knitting for 6 hours. Prescription for antibiotics and a creme to rub in, and a humdinger of a steroid shot. And not a phone booth any where to call and let Gail know where I was. Everyone down here has a cell phone or two or three.
One lady in emerg was going to let me use her cell but kid had been playing games and battery was almost dead.