Next gloves

Started on the gloves out of the yarn on last weeks blog, am now thinking I won't post a pix of this pair until I am satisfied with what I've done. So far so good, have 13 stitches on thumb gusset, will separate when I get to 21 stitches. Have so far managed to use all the colors (except the red) and will get it in soon. Nothing new in stitches used because there are just so many that can be utilized.

Another hot & dry day, 31° C was high for the day and I am about ready to go back to cold & wet weather. Had a large green stuff salad for supper, lots of cucumber, cilantro, tomato, spinach and mixed organic greens. Seems to be about all I can handle when its this hot. Sure looking forward to big pots of soup weather.

On my Monstersock list on Ravelry there is a gal (Square Jane) that was looking for test knitters for a pair of her patterned socks, I resisted until others started posting pix of what they have done, so asked of she would add my name to the list. Got pattern printed when in town and once glove is a bit further along will have a go at the socks, so will alternate between 2 really colorful projects.


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