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First of a couple of pair of baby socks is done, going to Alaska when all are finished. Will I think just use up the ball of Regia Fast Koffe yarn till done, letting colors land where they may, if'n I make 4 socks somewhere along the line they will look close enuff to be matching.

First glove to remind the fingers pair is done and have about 20 rows of ribbing done on number two. Good thing I did a practice pair as I find the fingers to be a bit tight, so will have to go to someone with a smaller hand than mine.

And then the yarns I will be using for Gudie's gloves and knee socks, the purple at the bottom of pix #1 and top of pix #2 will be the main color. Will email the pix to Gudie to make sure all the colors work for her. 2nd pix taken outside with natural light complete with my shoes showing up.

Finally getting some summer weather after the miserable wet & cold June, today is supposed to hit 29°C (84°F) and that is just about as warm as I like, anything above makes me wilt. The afternoon heat makes cooking anything for supper a real chore so instead have been eating simple stuff, lots of fruit, cucumbers and salads.


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