Maela's socks

Socks for 2 yr old Maela in Kamloops area, told the Mom that I would do socks before winter, figured with all the cold & rainy weather to go ahead and get them done. Eliz said her foot measured 5 inches so went ahead and made them a bit bigger so they will fit for winter months.
Next may attempt a pr for the older brother.

According to Environment Canada's weather page supposed to be getting a few days of hotter weather with even 33°C (91° F) for Tuesday, will be a welcome relief, had furnace on for awhile this morning to take chill out of living areas.

Am sure enjoying my IPad, and so glad I bought the IPad for Dummies book, find something new every time I turn it on.


  1. Cute socks Lynne! Kamloops is supposed to be 40 on Tuesday. I love the heat, but that's a bit much even for me!


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