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Laundry all caught up, a smallish load of socks washed and drying under ceiling fan on my famous wooden folding rack, sorta getting ready for upcoming NwRSA trip over to Spokane. Conference starts Thursday the 30th, Gail & I are going to spend Wednesday night in Eburg with friend Diane then mosey into Spokane Thursday morning with a stop at Paradise Fibers in Spokane (geez its almost right on the way, maybe only a mile out of the way). I do need a few colors of Cascade Heritage sock yarn.

Finished the socks for Diane, hope she likes them.

Closest neighbors turned cattle out yesterday, kids on motor cycles, lots of horseback riders, with the patriarch on his trusty quad, the cows even with that many people still all came down my driveway (Twice). Chaos and extremely noisy. But sanity finally prevailed and they got them headed south and towards the summer range. Whew.

Out to Tatla yesterday for the knitting bee and a stop at library to return overdue books, plus used their fast WiFi to load several more books that I had bought from Amazon onto my Kindle. Have had an unusual amount of heavy rain and the road to Tatla was a mell of a hess, muddy and verra slippery in places.

Craving pizza so will make one for supper tonight, from scratch, dough will be half w/w, then have some pineapple, peppers, mushrooms to add to the top. No mozzarella cheese tho so Monterrey jack cheese will have to do.


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