A real pair of odds

Had put a pix on Facebook when socks were half way down the leg and asked the peeps if I should do another pair, general consensus was that I should do another pair but then KL from Calif came along and liked them just the way they were. Soooooo

Red & Orange

Snowed at times heavy but then would get a bit of rain so nothing much was sticking. Good day to stay indoors with my reheated chicken soup and my knitting.

Another couple new blog followers, welcome.


  1. Love them!!! My son, now 40, has worn unmatching socks since he was 9, and would love these! They are beautiful.

  2. I wondered if you would end up making the unmatched pair. They are awesome! Alexandra likes to wear mismatched socks. Maybe I should just start doing them this way on purpose. It would cure Second Sock Syndrome. :-)

  3. These two pair are my favorites out of all of them - great color combinations!


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