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3 socks pretty much the same colors now done, 2 of what they should have been (2.5 mm needles) and the one odd (2.25 mm needles), will eventually do another of the smaller model but for now am quite over knitting anything in this color range. My stupid mistake, and it seems as tho I've been doing dumb things more lately. Must be something to do with the weather.

Snowing again this morning, really getting tired of winter. Every time I need or want to go to town wake up to more winter stuff. Will have to make a trip in before leaving for Whidbey Island, prescription refills and have a note from DR' office to call in next trip in, nothing urgent just a quick visit. And of course always need produce and a few groceries.

Humble Pie

Finished the second sock of latest pair of Monstersocks Monday night (NOTE TO SELF DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT START ANYTHING AFTER 10 pm). Grabbed 2 16 " circs and cast on straight away for sock #2. All went well and finished pretty quick, then put it on a sock blocker to get pix and thought it looked a bit smallish, counted stitches and rows that was normal then checked the needles, bingo had picked up 2 2.25 mm instead of the usual 2.5 mm. Amazing what just a small difference in needle size will make. Well it really did. Sock on the left is knit on 2.25 needles and the one on the right with 2.5, same number of rows and stitches.

So now have sock #3 on 2.5 needles and its moving right along, then will make another smaller sock on the 2.25's. Dumb on my part.

Had a bit of rain Tuesday night and then temps the next two days into low 50's, 90% of the snow in my yard is gone, even the ice on the driveway. Am I happy you betcha. Have even seen Trumpeter swans flying over the valle…

The usual stuff

More of the usual stuff, socks (again, still). Not much to write about this time of year, haven't been anywhere except to PO to pick up my mail (2 miles each way). Haven't been to a knitting bee in downtown Tatla Lake in 2 weeks, nothing wrong just didn't feel like making the drive. Rudy (local handyman) was here and looked plumbing leak situation over, will be picking up needed parts and new hoses for washing machine, the hoses just maybe will help with that problem.

Have two socks on the needles, a rosy pinkish and another Monstersock, work one day on each. The monstersocks really don't have a theme but trying to keep several rows of the turquoise after 3 or 4 of the patterned yarns, so far not looking to wild.

Waiting in the wings is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn in natural colors, have light gray, charcoal gray, med brown, black and white, should make for an interesting combo, almost Nordic (I hope).

Just got 2 skeins of Brown Sheep wildfoote (in the variegated r…

A real pair of odds

Had put a pix on Facebook when socks were half way down the leg and asked the peeps if I should do another pair, general consensus was that I should do another pair but then KL from Calif came along and liked them just the way they were. Soooooo

Snowed at times heavy but then would get a bit of rain so nothing much was sticking. Good day to stay indoors with my reheated chicken soup and my knitting.

Another couple new blog followers, welcome.