Socks and then there are socks

I've made more than a few pair of socks and every once in a while have had a problem or two, usually on the second sock. Now will admit it might be because I change patterns or colors or sometimes both, but also it might depend on how I hold my mouth, how much snow we have or, what I watched on TV last night (Downton Abbey). Second sock of current pair had 35 rows of ribbing frogged, then cut off color needed for last row of first pattern, thinking I'd better use patterns from sock 1 and maybe just change colors instead of changing patterns as well.

Looks like latest cold snap is about over, temps are predicted to be above 0° C for mid week, will likely be more arctic air yet in Jan or Feb will be keeping woolies and long handles close by just in case. Propane truck is due to come down sometime this week, provided the truck will fit on my narrow plowed driveway. Don't think I am anywhere close to being low but since he will be in area anyway might as well top up the tank.

Next trip to town I'll be buying another new washing machine, current Sears model is a POS, before warranty was up was having problems and Sears reply 'bring it in', would cost more to have someone come and unhook then haul to town and reverse than it cost new to begin with. Needless to say I am not a fan of Sears products.


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