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Waiting to hear

Have mailed 3 pair of socks in last two weeks to NY and Calif., waiting to hear that they have arrived, fit and person likes them. Since anything mailed from BC goes first to Ontario then back to states via a slow cruise ship thru the Panama Canal it may be a few more days before I hear. I finished the latest pair of leftover Fast Koffe and Lorna's Laces, they came out a little more matchy than I was wanting, so will add to my sock box. Now currently back working on the gloves to go to Vanc. Island, started first pair in early December and was about the time I was blessed with a few nose bleeds and got nasty blood on one, feeling pretty disheartened I threw it away and put them out of my mind, now feeling guilty for not getting them done so have started anew. First glove is done (except for dealing with the ends around fingers), have ribbing on second sock nearly done.

Getting another dump of snow today, was snowing when I got up just after 6 and hasn't quit yet. Will no doub…

More sock stuff

Socks for KL are finished, washed and ready to mail, tomorrow unless predicted snow is more than they (environment Canada) thinks. I posted the socks on my Facebook page a day or so ago and yesterday I had an email from an anonymous person that wondered if I knew that the socks didn't match, just about fell off my chair from laughing. Politely wrote back and said they were done this way on purpose.

Regia Fast Koffee and Lorna's Laces, both leftover from other projects but looking like I'll be getting into a new ball of the Regia to finish second sock. These I am thinking will go into my sock box.

Once above socks are finished will start next pair for Dale, will email the colors to her this morning to see what she thinks, she wanted the lime green to be the main color then orange, hot pink and ????

On the road again

Got out yesterday, big trip to downtown Tatla Lake for Knitting Bee, combined that with a fill up of gas, into the library for much needed books, then did a dump run on the way home. For some tome I have been giving away handspun leftover bits to one of the KB gals (Christine) she has been making monster socks out of them and doing a very good job. She walks dogs every day and needed warmer socks, I agree when its really cold that is all I wear to keep feet warm. In pix she has on first pair and 1st sock of second pair sitting on the chair.

Let the ice begin, +5C (40F) already this morning, will be glad again for the ice trax I leave on my boots until all the snow is gone, mid to early April if I am lucky. Thawed enuff yesterday while I was gone to completely clear off the porch and steps.

Today I am hoping to finish the second sock for KL, not yet sure what I will do next probably the pair for Dale using all the wild colors I own, lime green will be main color. When ready to start o…

Socks and then there are socks

I've made more than a few pair of socks and every once in a while have had a problem or two, usually on the second sock. Now will admit it might be because I change patterns or colors or sometimes both, but also it might depend on how I hold my mouth, how much snow we have or, what I watched on TV last night (Downton Abbey). Second sock of current pair had 35 rows of ribbing frogged, then cut off color needed for last row of first pattern, thinking I'd better use patterns from sock 1 and maybe just change colors instead of changing patterns as well.

Looks like latest cold snap is about over, temps are predicted to be above 0° C for mid week, will likely be more arctic air yet in Jan or Feb will be keeping woolies and long handles close by just in case. Propane truck is due to come down sometime this week, provided the truck will fit on my narrow plowed driveway. Don't think I am anywhere close to being low but since he will be in area anyway might as well top up the tank.


Have been wondering what had been making big tracks in the new snow in my house yard, today finally got to see the critter, big lynx. Took 7 pix but to far away to get a really good shot, this was the best of the lot. Click on pix to make it larger. Think its only the second I've seen, first one was 20+ years ago coming out of Travers after dark, headlights froze the critter so got a really good view.

Now that driveway has been opened and car cleared off I'm free but alas no where I want to go. But nice knowing I could if I wanted to. Temps forecast to be in mid teens below zero F for tonight, arctic outflow blanketing the province.

Snow plowing

Neighbor came down my driveway plowing snow this morning, must be a foot +. Now can at least get out to get my mail later today, nowhere else I need to go. Safer and smarter to just stay home with my knitting. But before I can go anywhere will have to clean car off, then hope it starts. 1pm got car cleaned off and was pleasantly surprised that it started right away. First time it was moved in 3 weeks.

Sock for KL, used the main color blue for the heel and now just about finished with #2 pattern going down the foot. Am really lucky that after all these years of making socks that I still like doing them.

This & That

After knitting 10 pair of various sized slippers on 6 mm needles (almost as big around as my little finger), when I picked up the 2mm to start on socks felt really really strange, was well into ribbing before it felt comfortable again. Almost all the slippers were handspun leftovers so lots of almost solid colors, happy to be back at socks with lots of colors (say wild & crazy again). With 2 football games on the tube today should get pretty well down the sock of sock #1. Waiting to hear from KL to see if she wants fraternal or identical.

Off to put something in crock pot for supper tonight.


Lots of knitting time over the so called holidays, wasn't exactly feeling much in holiday mood that is for sure, once I got over feeling punk and back to normal did OK. Made 2 pair of kidlet sized thick woolie socks and another pair of what I call scrapper socks (will be mailing them away as soon as I can get out of here), a bunch of stuff to be fulled-felted and even worked on current glove knitting.

Turkey noodle soup was outstanding, after the disaster of the bean soup was hesitant to try something else with leftovers but this time it worked. Just carrots, celery, turkey pieces and the noodles. Had first bowl last night and enuff left for lunch and supper today.

I wonder who from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland wants to read my blog, have wondered if maybe it was someone I know. If you have a mind leave me a comment on the blog so I have a clue.