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Another pair of Monstersocks

Finished this pair last night while watching MI get their bunnies beat by Kansas, Brady 'the Joke' Hokey has to go. But at least the knitting went well. Did 10 rows on this pair and 10 rows on knee socks, first of that pair should be finished in next day or so. If you can take a look at the difference between top and bottom of foot, patterns slightly different.

Have had turkey for lunch and supper since Christmas, enuff, tomorrow the leftovers are going into the soup pot, much easier to eat turkey noodle soup until its gone. Will try to never buy another turkey breast so big. Enuff left tho that it will be a good batch of soup.

Weather continues on mild side, whats starting to look scary tho is lack of snow. Unless we get a whole lot in Jan & Feb will be a long dry summer, scary for fires.

Socks well rec'd

Mailed socks to Nolund and hoped they would fit, they did and I think he liked them. Started them shortly after doing the 3 pair for 2 year old Maela, and then they kind of got shuffled into a long time out, while I was on the finishing kick awhile back dug them out and finished.

Then got started on a pair of handspun fingerless gloves and socks for KJ in Sask, they also fit and were worn when it was in the -30's in Sask. Owed the socks from a long time ago when K delivered my entertainment center and installed same. Never forgot just didn't want to knit so much plain (very little color) socks.

Weather in here continues to be what I call wonky, south wind and warm temps, mid to upper 40's, most usual. Not totally unheard of but nevertheless I sure don't like it.

Still working on the knee socks and the pair for the Monstersock KAL on Ravelry. Nice having leftover turkey for sandwich for lunch them reheated for supper.

Merry Christmas

Just got turkey breast from freezer into fridge to slowly thaw, almost 8 pounds guarantees I'll be eating turkey for awhile. This time tho I will freeze some before I get to tired of it. The ones I am getting now come with all the ribs etc attached, once its cooked will use big kitchen shears to cut that part off for the soup, will likely do the soup about 3 days after cooking the breast. Still have lots of celery, carrots and noodles for the soup.

Knee sock progress continues, well down the foot and can actually start thinking about it being finished. With many football bowl games and the World Junior hockey games on the tube starting Boxing day I'll have lots of knitting time. Almost think I like the Junior hockey as much as I do football.

One of my Christmas special treats is to open a jar of deluxe mixed nuts, will no doubt last me for a couple of months, then get to open another on my birthday. Hopefully by mid March I will have been into town and big grocery stores, anot…

Knee sock progress

One more gusset decrease to do, then clear sailing down to the toe. To fit the person that they are for, and her unusual shaped heel I went with 68 stitches, 34 on heel and 34 on top of foot, BUT when last decrease is done for gusset will do one more on bottom then will decrease one st each side of top of the foot, down to usual 64 sts, hoping this all works out according to plans. Can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. And since I kept detailed notes on what I did on #1, second sock should be much easier (I hope).

Cooked a turkey breast for American Thanksgiving thought I would be turkeyed out but thinking I may do another for Christmas, the one I have in the freezer is bigger than I normally do so will again be eating turkey for at least a week+ then the best part IMHO turkey noodle soup. That I can eat every night.

Yard is pretty well snow free, several nights with above freezing temps and strong Chinook winds did a thorough job. May even be a snow less Christmas one …


Just spent about 30 minutes looking for my well used and loved sock chart, showing me all the various sizes, number of stitches to be used for turning heel etc. Turns out it had slipped in behind some stuff I never look at and was well disguised, was verra glad to have found it because sock for Gudie has more stitches on the heel than I normally use so wanted to verify the count (more of a security blanket than anything else). Much easier to do it right the first time than guessing and maybe having to rip it out to change the numbers.

The pix are from the Ravelry Monstersock KAL, utilizing all my leftover blues & greens from various socks knit in 2013. Have started on #2 but am going to set it aside for a few while I work on the knee socks.

A week ago weather in here was in an arctic blast, 28° below zero and today its well into the 40's F, 95% of the snow is gone and on my driveway where the tracks were it now ice. Think I'll stay off it until we either get more snow or i…

Small pork loin roast

Just put a small pork loin roast in the crock pot with a topping of brown sugar, honey, minced garlic, soy sauce, Parmesan cheese, 2 T olive oil and basil, now on low for 6+ hours. Imagine it will start smelling incredible long before its ready to eat. Will also have a spaghetti squash instead of potatoes. Haven't cooked any pork in months so this will be something different.

Still working on just 2 pair of socks, knee sock is now to the heel, maybe 12 rows on it so far, then the KAL from Monstersock list also now well down past heel. Trying to work 10 rows on each, switching keeps interest.

Next project will be to go out and clean off my car, prolly 8-10 inches of the white stuff then will shovel it to the side so I can hopefully drive out tomorrow. Much warmer now than it has been, mid teens F instead of way below zero F temps.

Milder (sorta)

Coldest I recorded in latest arctic outflow conditions was -33°C or 28° below zero F. Has moderated a bit now just a few degrees below zero F, much easier to take. Even wore silk long handles under my pj's the coldest couple of nights, of course its my own fault for not letting any heat into my bedroom, like it cold to sleep under big down comforter.

Still only the two projects on my needles the knee socks for Gudie are at the heel and the pair utilizing the blue & green leftovers from 2013 projects. Monstersock list on Ravelry has a leftover KAL, I don't usually get in on stuff like that but had enuff of the colors I thought I'd give it a shot. So far socks are coming out better than I thought they would.

Chicken vegetable soup yesterday, cabbage, carrots, celery, potato and leftover fresh spinach, liked it well enuff to do again but likely without the fresh spinach (its all gone now). Not looking like I’ll be going to town anytime soon, driving the 3 hours in is just…

Cold snap lingers

Cold again this morning -27°C and that is -16.6°F (below zero), cold either way. One more meal of the turkey noodle soup then will have to come up with something else, maybe a cabbage based vegetable soup.

Working on two projects (before I went on UFO kick) I had 6, so pleased to have only the two, both of course socks. Knee socks for Gudie are withing an inch or so of starting the heel, this is the one and only pair of knee socks I am planning on doing, just seems to be taking forever to see any progress.

Then the Monstersock lists KAL (knit along), gathered up leftovers from various socks this year and came up with a mostly blue based sock, have enuff to maybe change colors around a bit. First pix are all the leftovers, 2nd is the sock at current stage and 3rd is sock and the 3 colors now attached in project bag from Maggie Alexander.

Trying to not think of anything new until at least one of currents are done.

soup or stew

Time to decide on one or the other, meat off the bones, carrots and celery in the broth, will add the leftover gravy as soon as I decide. If I do the stew route will add dumplings (homemade), with the soup just noodles. Either will be most welcome during this cold snap we are having, -21° C (-6°F) with colder temps predicted for the rest of the week.

So very glad Sam was able to get the propane stove in wool room working again, would not have been able to do anything out here without it working. Sunshine sure helps and today's sky is clear blue. Nice.

Finally went with the noodles instead of the dumplings, just wasn't hungry enuff for the heavier meal. Had almost more carrots and celery than turkey.

Winter dropped

Big change since yesterday, from bare ground to a world of white. -12°C (10°F) and still snowing, yesterday it barely got below freezing temps (30°) and for the most part of the day was much warmer. Temps really aren't to bad its the north wind that keeps the house feeling chilly. So very lucky that Sam (electrician) came by yesterday and got the propane stove in wool room working again. Dressing in layers, starting with a silk undershirt, long sleeved turtle neck and then a lite weight cotton sweater, plus of course wool socks, keeping me quite comfortable.

As usual on Sunday watched some football on the tube and knit on (and finished) the pair of handspun socks I had been working on, its my favorite BFL-Silk mix. Should keep the feet warm of the person that will be getting them. Last week in town I finished socks for Nolund, will get them mailed as soon as I can.

Now back working on knee socks for Gudie, thinking I can finally see progress. And have gathered leftovers for the n…

Town & Turkey

Had a good weather window the first of the week so headed to town Monday around 9am, got a bunch of stuff done before heading up to friends to spend the night. Then Tuesday into SaveOn (grocery store) for a major order, lots of produce (2 big bunches celery), salad greens, spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage and so on. Also 4 flats of water 24 bottles in each, my water still isn't good to drink. Got home just before 3pm brought in frozen stuff and just after 1st load in the house Lucas came along (prearranged) and carried in everything else, then I drove him home with moneys in his pocket. It is so easy for him to carry heavy stuff up the steps and if'n I had to do it would still be bringing stuff in.

Went to knitting bee yesterday and picked up 6 loaves multigrain bread (homemade) on the way home, will be perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches. Medium sized turkey breast in oven, will later do a yam, and a spaghetti squash, will do nicely for several meals then of course turkey…

This & That

Cold enuff yesterday that thoughts of soup were in my head like a new sock pattern. So chicken with rice on the menu, lots of carrots and more of the dehydrated celery from SK. Had it for supper yesterday and was a most excellent batch.

Another UFO finished, gray Cascade Heritage sock yarn with lots of little ball of Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. Now well down the foot of Nolund's almost camo sock, first one but they are small enuff that should finish either tomorrow (lots of football games on the tube) or Sunday with more football. After Nolund's sock are done have a pr of handspun to do as well as working on the w&c knee socks. So no lack of things to do, keeps me off the streets at night out of pool halls and beer parlors. LOL

Up way to early

Coyotes singing just after 5 am, sounded like they were to the south and moving, maybe chasing something. Like hearing them but wish they could have waited another couple of hours. So will finish this and then watch the shenanigans from Toronto on the telly and knit on current sock, maybe 1/3 of the way down the leg now. Using up the small balls I had stashed and before long will have to break into a new ball to finish.

Snowed mostly all day yesterday but really didn't amount to much, porch easily swept off with just a broom. Sky now is looking like more snow again any minute. Temp is at -11°C (13°F) so certainly cold enuff.

Found another UFO socks I had started for Nolund, most of heel flap on first sock knit, won't take much to finish them, so knee socks are still in time out while I finish stuff.

Never talked to anyone yesterday only phone call was a telemarketer, after my Hello then silence I just hung up. Even having my name on do not call list hasn't slowed down unwa…

New 'F' word

Flurries. Every time they are in the forecast we end up with way more than prediction. And just ahead of an arctic blast temps down below zero F for next 3 days (-20's C). But hey it sure gives us something to talk about.

Still working on UFO's, just got past the ribbing on second sock from the pair that had been stashed in a project bag for a bit of time. The two small balls beside the second sock won't be enuff to finish so will have to get into the new ball in back of pix. Next will be to finish socks for Nolund first sock is setting with heel almost finished.

Facebook has been wonky the last couple of days, went just over 24 hours with no updates, none, then today some stuff is starting to show up, glad to see people (friends) showing up again.

More soup (now a twice weekly event), used up the last of the lamb shoulder roast and made a pot of Scotch Broth, traditional until I added a medium sized potato, then the carrots, barley, celery. Potato worked for me and will d…


Knitting Bee yesterday in glorious (snort) downtown Tatla Lake, finished another UFO, Christmas gift so can't report or post a pix, sock in last blog pix nearly down to the heel. Once its finished will get back to knee sock (also getting close to the heel). Stopped on the way home and picked up my lamb, cut, wrapped and frozen, have a shoulder roast out for tonight's supper. Believe from the feel of the roast its been de boned. Haven't had any lamb in prolly 15 years so am really looking forward to this.

Yesterday was so unseasonably warm that a jacket was barely needed 53°F. 90% of remaining snow melted, just have to remind myself not to get complacent, supposed to be down near 10° F over the weekend and then to just make it interesting rain in forecast for early next week. Already have my ice cleats on my boots just in case.

Neighbor has finally gathered up the cows that were visiting, but I'd bet the ranch that they will bust out again. Seems as tho grass on the oth…


UN Finished objects. Today is the day that all I will be working on are UFO's, seems like that this happened before I was really aware at how many I had.

First pix is socks that got into project bag after Desert Mesa and once out of sight, then pix of Gudie's knee socks (current project) then a pair of socks (about 2 yr old size) finished this morning. Also have a couple of Christmas goodies on needles that I won't put pix up just yet, both are handspun BFL-silk mix. So have enuff to work on to keep me happy at how lucky I am to still be able to work on such nice colorful projects.

My neighbors boys (bulls) and girls are still hanging around, so far they are staying on the outside of my fence. Highland cattle in various shades. Kind of nice to see as long as they respect my fence.

Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to celebrate all that the armed forces do for us. All my brothers served in the US military.

The Pinkies

Finally finished the pinkies, seemed to take forever to get this pair done (Desert Mesa and OFFF cut into knitting time). Finished the toe last night and this morning dealt with all the ends while watching the fun & game news out of Toronto, what a mess that is turning out to be. Only a bit better than the other foolishshenigans from Ottawa.

Now that pinkies are done can get back to the wild & crazy knee socks for Gudie. Had put them on hold until I made sure of top ribbing fit, tried them on G while at DM looks like I guessed the number of stitches just right. About to do the second decrease row going down the leg.

Made a big batch of chicken vegetable soup yesterday (cabbage, kale, potatoes, carrots, and celery, leftover chicken) was a good batch and have enuff for supper tonight and maybe lunch tomorrow. Now that weather is getting cooler I will likely make soup once or more every week. Like it that much. Will have to pick up more kale, celery and carrots next trip to town…


Thought I was updating my blog instead just a Facebook message. Heck & darn. Having trouble sending messages from laptop so all this may be in vain, but will try.

Bought two colors of BFL from Smith & Ewe at Desert Mesa, both may or may not be going into sweaters down the road, want to wait and see yarn spun up first. For now just fiber to fondle.

Got the pair and a spare to Gudie, first glove I did had to much patterning in the fingers and they weren't as easy to get on as they should be so made another pair with solid colored fingers, much better. So this way if she should loose one a hard to get on spare will work. Also tried on the knee sock ribbing, wanted to make sure of fit before going any further, they fit her leg just fine so once current socks are finished will get back to work on the knee socks.

Had to hire a local boy to haul heavy things into the house from the car, two flats of water, suitcase, spinning wheel, chairs etc., etc. asked him if he would be inte…

Home again

Down my driveway just after 12:30 on Tuesday, a day later than I thought I would be. Had problems with face rash again this time affecting my left eye area so back to emergency in Williams Lake (had my knitting this time) for blood work, etc., etc., antihistamines did the job so some sort of allergic reaction again. Heck & darn wish I knew what set everything off.

Nolund and Maela wearing the mittens I made for them and Maela with one of the 3 pair of socks she got earlier this fall.

Went to knitting bee today taking a couple of big ripe tomatoes, cucumber and bread for sandwiches, biggest group in a long time 7 were there so was glad tomatoes were big ones. Stopped first at the clinic so they would have a list of the face repairing meds on my chart.

Desert Mesa day 3

Day 3 at Desert Mesa spinning long weekend. Group is making a shawl and everyone working on it will be entered in a draw for someone to take it home, have been getting pix as its gone about the room. I worked on the orange color then Gail got it and it went around. Pix of Sheila K and Nancy working on it, has grown quite a bit since last pix.

Last pix is Julia in an upcycled silk sari skirt that she salvaged.

The food this year is much better than last year, only thing for lunch on Friday they had those sausage things with a bun that made me so sick last year, needless to say I passed and just had a bowl of soup and some crackers. Tonight's supper was roast turkey with all the fixings, really excellent.

Will head north after lunch tomorrow and prolly home Monday.


This is the sweater I am thinking about right now.

But before I can get into it have knee socks to finish and the February Ladies sweater out of BFL-Silk mix to get started on.

Amazon finds

Poking around grocery department at Amazon found 2 different things I've been looking for, hadn't found either in years. Check every time I get in a grocery store in states but no luck until tonight, then found they won't ship to Canada. bummer. Can bet I will order it for delivery to my friends in the states for pickup next time I am down (won't be now until next April). Kraft Tangy Italian Spaghetti boxes and Read's German potato salad in cans are the two goodies I have been looking for.

Current sock, all leftover bits of various sock yarns.

After these socks are done and I try on the knee socks for Gudie will get back to knitting on them. Then further down the road I have half a dozen different handspun blues & greens that will be going into a sweater.

Soup weather

Crock pot vegetable soup started about 10 am, cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, pot barley, softer stuff like kale, spinach, potatoes will go in later, if I had a turnip would have added it as well. Was going to start this Tuesday morning but still wasn't feeling up to snuff, today much better.

Roy Paul was here yesterday to deal with critter in attic, he set traps and before he got home trap was sprung, a critter caught. He is coming back later today to remove same, will get to see what it was, suspect a squirrel. He said attic didn't smell anything like a maybe pack rat, relief. He also closed hole in screen (flickers) above the wool room, putting in poison before doing so. Never heard anything running around after trap was sprung so hopefully just the one critter.

15° F this morning, will be a relief to have snow tires on the car, have an appointment next Wed at 1 pm.

Saturday 2 pm It was indeed a pack rat, properly disposed of now, fish food.

OFFF redo

Got home last Friday from the OFFF trip, left Gail's Thursday morning and drove up towards the high country. Stopped in Spences Bridge for what I had hoped to be 20 lbs. real field ripened tomatoes, organic (the kind grown outside in real dirt) but once there found I had to buy 30 lbs. (what a hardship), was a u pick deal but when he saw my handicapped permit on car guy picked for me. Sweet. And I have eaten one with every meal since getting home. Then traveled north and got to Denise's in the Willie and crashed, not feeling so hot, cold and chin bothering me. A good nights sleep and left Friday morning, home just around 3:30 pm, brought in perishables (half the 34 lbs. tomatoes) covered the rest and quit for the day, promptly fell asleep in recliner until 9 pm, got a shower and hit my bed. Over next couple of days brought in everything else from the car except for spinning wheel, will leave it there for upcoming DM trip.

My spinning wheel and turq merino-nylon mix I've be…

The road north

Is on hold now until Thursday. Spent 6 hours in emergency at Langley Memorial with bad rash-crud on my chin, first went to walk in clinic and the DR there said to go to hosp as in right now, so I did then sat in emerg without my knitting for 6 hours. Prescription for antibiotics and a creme to rub in, and a humdinger of a steroid shot. And not a phone booth any where to call and let Gail know where I was. Everyone down here has a cell phone or two or three.
One lady in emerg was going to let me use her cell but kid had been playing games and battery was almost dead.

Back in BC

Made it safely to Gail's place about 4:30, drove thru more rain (lots) and even very brief periods of sunshine (very brief). Got Karen's stuff unloaded and into her car she took off straight away for her place, then just a few things of mine into the house, perishables bought at Freddies. Its amazing what my little Subie will hold.

Brought a nasty cold home with me, sore throat and runny nose, even coughing already, hope it doesn't get to bad would like to leave for home Wednesday morning.

After OFFF

The wettest OFFF ever, poured both Saturday and Sunday. And wind like the tail end of a typhoon (which it was), felt sorry for the outdoor vendors with their white pop ups, wind played havoc with them, they were even allowed to start shutting down early because of safety concerns. I didn't even venture out of the Main Pavilion where we were fortunate enuff to have our spinning area. And Gail even got everything in the car for the start north towards BC. Will hit the road in the next hour or so for the border and BC. If all goes according to plans will make one more stop at Freddies in Bell-ham for a few groceries for me then north.

Slowly getting ready

A couple of days later than I should be in getting ready for upcoming OFFF trip. Laundry being the number one issue, have a load in washer now and will do at least two more yet today, about half can be put on folding rack to dry the rest can be hung up on hangers. The rack under the ceiling fan and even the heaviest towels will be dry by morning, then a couple more loads and I should be far enuff along that stuff like sheets can wait until I get home.

Emptied one bobbin (just had a verra small amount of yellow on it), have two full bobbins of BFL-Silk mix that I will ply either today or tomorrow, that will give me 3 empty bobbins and the one on the spinning wheel with what I am currently spinning , not much on it.

Have two piles of stuff started one for OFFF and one for Desert Mesa, and right away when I think of something go directly to taking care of whatever it was, latest was lazy kate for the Schacht wheel. DM at least if fairly close 5 hours instead of 15 plus down to Canby, OR…

This & That

Just finished my second cuppa, could easily have another but 2 is my limit and I stick to it. Not figuring I'll get much done today (except knitting) its football Sunday. Right now I have 3 socks under construction all in time out just now while I work on a bit of handspun stuff. If all goes well should finish by the end of today.

Soon real soon I have to attend to some plying otherwise I won't have any empty bobbins to take with down to OFFF. Plying is not my favorite part of the job and put it off until down to last empty bobbin. Want to take my woolee winder with to OFFF so will ply those bobbins first.

Last weeks knitting bee saw return of long time gone friend Judy R., got a good pix of the 4 ladies at KB. Thinking my iPad takes a better pix than my small point and shoot camera.

Today is supposed to be the last of the hot sunny days we have been having and it couldn't happen any quicker to suit me, tomorrows high in mid 60's with rain (hallelujah). Even tho dayt…

Knitting Bee

KB tomorrow and we are supposed to have an a long time gone KB'er visiting, so made Oriental Ramen Broccoli Slaw to take with, didn't have quite enuff sugar or the toasted slivered almonds. Hope it works out if not I'll be eating on it for the next two weeks.

Knee socks under way 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing on 92 stitches (seems like that took forever) then into color patterning, sure looks like its going to be big, may put a lifeline in just above ribbing and rip out what I've done so far. Will take with me to knitting bee tomorrow to see what other sock knitting ladies think. The gloves I finished (3 gloves to get a good pair) are for the same gal as knee socks, somewhat of a flamboyant (aka Lucy Neatby in hiding) person. Thus goes my life, knit, rip and start over. As ye knit so shall ye rip..

OFFF trip will be interesting, another body in car with wheel etc, plus Gails & my Louet S 90's and a Schacht that I am taking down to either sell or let Connie use, will …


After making 3 gloves to get a pair can now say I am finished. First glove had way to much patterning in fingers and thus were tight enuff to be hard to get on. Might be a teen might be able to get fingers in comfortably, maybe, but that would mean making another one, so will instead offer to GH as a spare. Meanwhile back at the ranch got started on the knee socks, will be a major project. When making socks I cast on 72 stitches, with the knee socks have cast on 92 stitches on 2.25 mm needles, and done 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing, so far so good. Now about 20 rows down into color stuff on the leg, at 24 rows will decrease 4 sts and then again every 20 or 24 rows 4 more until I am down to 72 sts. One nice thing if'n they are to big can always wear them myself.

Small gnats are a real bother this year, they somehow get in on living room window and then buzz me after dark, how they get in is perplexing since I don't have any windows open. Will be happy to see a hard freeze just to get …


Made an unplanned spur of the moment trip to town on Friday, Williams Lake farmers market was on and I wanted some tomatoes. Could have gotten them cheaper had I felt like driving another 2.5 hours to Spences Bridge but whatever I would have saved would be eaten up with gas. So got 10 lb. real tomatoes and they are so good. Have had one every meal since getting home with my favorite way with just cottage cheese and a small amount of mayo. Also got local Soda Creek sweet corn, again some of the best I've had. Will again tonite have a large salad, and sweet corn, may not nutritionally be the best but it sure suits me this time of year. While in town also got prescription refilled, was down to just 6 of one of the b/p meds.

Thursday morning had a visiting buck, pretty impressive rack. Just wouldn't hold still long enuff to get the perfect pix.

Only have 2 fingers and thumb left to do on glove #3, not yet sure if I will go ahead and make a second one with the tight fingers, somebo…


Friend Linda stopped yesterday with goodies from her garden, she brought green beans, spinach, plus real eggs, canned salmon and canned sweet cherries along with just dug potatoes and some jam. So tonight for supper I ate green beans, spinach salad, and some swiss chard (I already had on hand). Can't decide if'n green beans or spinach are my favorites. Will soon make a trip for tomatoes, then will celebrate with cottage cheese and maters for every meal.

Working on third glove still, should have had ribbing done but instead have been reading books on iPad, freebies from Amazon. Think I have only 4 or 5 rows of ribbing left to do and then into the wild & crazy colors for main part of hand. No more new book reading until 3rd glove is done.

Think 4 or 5 times this month Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC, 0° or -1° for late August can do a number on local gardens. Can already see a bit of color in trees and the dogbane is rapidly turning bright yellow. Even had heat come on th…

This & That

Finished first glove of pair for Gudie and it was a bust, did to much patterning in fingers and they are way to tight. I can get the glove on but it takes to much effort so I know that it won't fly. So glove #2 well underway, this time main part of glove just as wild & crazy but fingers are from either variegated yarn or solid colored, no pattern tweaks. Much more comfortable IMO. So have just two fingers left to do, forefinger and thumb, then will do #3 and see if that is going to be a pair. Not sure yet what I will do with #1, maybe to keep to remind me that its easy to screw up, and that I don't know as much about knitting gloves as I thought I did.

Discovered a quick way to lose 5 lb. eat the wrong foods and then get sick enuff that I was violently throwing up all day Friday. Once that was over with and being really cautious on Saturday (toast with a bit of honey on stayed down), think everything is back to normal. I know what I ate that was the guilty culprit so will …

Maela's socks

Liz in for visit today with Miss Maela to pick up the 3 pair of socks, managed to get 2 of the 3 pair on for a pix before she was done with that (as only a 2 yr old can do), also had a felt pair of slippers that will fit her this winter and mitts for her and a pair for big brother Nolund. While here Nolund pulled Toadflax the nasty weed, paid him $10 he seemed happy with that. Then Liz loaded all my stuff to go to the dump in the back of her pickup (Hallelujah), sent a bag of stuff to go to recycle for Nolund to make a bit more money on, OJ containers etc. Ever so glad to see the end of trash in my back room. Also sent a dinosaur movie home with Nolund. Thank you Liz & Nolund. Maela was happiest with a handful of corn chips.

Weather has finally moderated, low to mid 20's instead of 30°+, cool enuff at night to pull up comforter. Love it. Next hot spell expected as soon as kids go back to school.


Cool enuff this morning for wool socks, really felt good getting to wear socks again. And I LOVE the cooler weather, 5°C (41°F) at 6 this morning, wonderful. Maybe the hot dry weather is ready to move on.

Finally figured out how to ad pix to my Instagram page, took a while before I tumbled. And now can't even find it anywhere on the laptop, just avail on the IPad, weird.

Working on 2nd glove, just about finished the ribbing, 36 rows on 2.25 needles. Have started a list of things to buy when I get down to OFFF, mostly Hiya Hiya needles, 2.5 circulars 16 inch for me and 2 sets for Denise 2.25 16 inch circs to replace the Kollage I bought for her from Paradise, points on the 2.25 are wicked, used them for about 10 rows of ribbing and have a hole on finger from pushing stitches along. Guess they would be great for lace knitting. May try and find someplace to sell the 4 needles I have.


First bear sighting of 13' season yesterday, black bear running across my yard, way to fast to grab camera to get a pix. When it finally did stop was behind big Saskatoon bush eating berries. I know that they have been around by the scat they leave behind, but unless I actually see the critter it don't count.

Finished first glove of current wild & crazy pair, not sure if second will be the same or #1 of another set. Already had to remove top of ring finger and re knit a bit different. Will just muddle along until I get a pair that I am happy with.

A few clouds, keeping temps a tad bit cooler, instead of high 20's by noon today so far is just at 22°, much nicer. Even tho am still drinking lots of fluids, mostly bottled water, my house water (well) is not the best this time of year.

Thought I might be able to hang a load of towels on rack and put it out on back porch, but now wind has come up enuff that rack would soon fall, so under ceiling fan in living room. Even the …


Just looked over 7 pages of messages to me on my Ravelry site, first message was from grannygail September 29, 2007, don't even remember joining that far back. Lots of messages liking my Monstersocks and several from old friends from far away places with strange sounding names. 630 messages, over 400 replies, lots of friends added, and the rest just liking something I've knit.

Still to hot for my liking and its expected to be even hotter over the weekend, time to sit in front of the fan with my feet in a bucket of cool water. glad I have small projects on my to do list for the next little while. First glove of current pair to the middle finger, so far so good.

Still have enuff salad greens for several more big supper salads, tonight will have lots of romaine, mixed organic greens and spinach. The bonus of having a few real tomatoes has made the salads even more enjoyable.

Small plastic bag of stuff fell down behind puter desk, in and awkward place to reach so I just left it si…

Next gloves

Started on the gloves out of the yarn on last weeks blog, am now thinking I won't post a pix of this pair until I am satisfied with what I've done. So far so good, have 13 stitches on thumb gusset, will separate when I get to 21 stitches. Have so far managed to use all the colors (except the red) and will get it in soon. Nothing new in stitches used because there are just so many that can be utilized.

Another hot & dry day, 31° C was high for the day and I am about ready to go back to cold & wet weather. Had a large green stuff salad for supper, lots of cucumber, cilantro, tomato, spinach and mixed organic greens. Seems to be about all I can handle when its this hot. Sure looking forward to big pots of soup weather.

On my Monstersock list on Ravelry there is a gal (Square Jane) that was looking for test knitters for a pair of her patterned socks, I resisted until others started posting pix of what they have done, so asked of she would add my name to the list. Got patte…


Went into town early Thursday morning, a much needed haircut was #1 on my list, then banking, saw about chips in windshield, even got car washed, then mid afternoon went up to Denise' place, stayed overnight again. Friday morning hit the farmers market in Williams Lake got more swiss chard, kale, blueberries, sweet cherries, was hoping for baby beets with tops but nobody had any. Had swiss chard for supper last night along with a big spinach salad, swift green passage today. Swiss chard is without a doubt the best I've ever had. Even got a few real tomatoes a bit on greenish side but they will ripen in a couple of days.

Self pix, first one in the car with the longest my hair has been in years, 2nd now with shortest hair that I've ever had, much easier to deal with when showering, didn't even need to dry it, watched the news and it was dry in 10 minutes.

While still cool this morning got all the needed sock yarn (for Gudies wild & crazies) wound into balls, should g…


While washing dishes had 8 eggs on stove hard boiling, so I could make egg salad to take to knitting bee tomorrow. 8 really fresh eggs that peeled jest fine (thank you Yvonne). Added a bit of roasted garlic and pepper seasoning mix and called it good. Knitting bee is getting smaller Shirley & Paul (preacher) have moved to Prince George to be closer to family so that just leaves Joyce, Christine, Elis when she is around and me (every other week). Sometimes Glenda shows up as well, we some where have to find others interested in coming.

Have only the thumb and forefinger to do on the 2nd glove, then working in all the ends and am done. Will in a bit get the yarn wound into balls for the stuff I'll be doing for Gudie. Have 8 skeins to wind so think I'll wheel a chair over to ball winder, crank up music and have at her.

Have been thinking about going to town this Thursday, if I don't get a haircut am going to hack off way to much in places myself, needless to say I don'…

Lil Socks

2 pair of baby socks from one ball of Regia Fast Koffe sock yarn, not to bad especially since the ball of yarn only cost $2 a hundred years ago. Even have enuff left to maybe make one more sock, but will instead just add it to stash bag for a color pattern somewhere down the road. These lil socks are going to D2's granddaughter in Alaska.

Almost noon and its not so bloody hot, last few days have been a bit above my limit, don't do so well with anything much above 85°F. And saving grace is the cooling off overnight, Wednesday and Thursday Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC (34° and 36°), makes for getting under comforter feel really good. I have been really pouring water in me while it was so hot, usually by now would have had a glass of OJ, and at least 2 or 3 bottles of water (my house water still hard to drink). I try really hard to only buy it when its on sale and always take empties back to town.

Have ribbing done on second glove, should get well into thumb increases th…

This & That

First of a couple of pair of baby socks is done, going to Alaska when all are finished. Will I think just use up the ball of Regia Fast Koffe yarn till done, letting colors land where they may, if'n I make 4 socks somewhere along the line they will look close enuff to be matching.

First glove to remind the fingers pair is done and have about 20 rows of ribbing done on number two. Good thing I did a practice pair as I find the fingers to be a bit tight, so will have to go to someone with a smaller hand than mine.

And then the yarns I will be using for Gudie's gloves and knee socks, the purple at the bottom of pix #1 and top of pix #2 will be the main color. Will email the pix to Gudie to make sure all the colors work for her. 2nd pix taken outside with natural light complete with my shoes showing up.

Finally getting some summer weather after the miserable wet & cold June, today is supposed to hit 29°C (84°F) and that is just about as warm as I like, anything above makes me…