Soup & Snow

Just added about 2 cups of dried celery and a dozen morel mushrooms (dried so broke them up first) to a pot of what eventually will be bean soup, not as much ham left as I first thought but it will be enuff. Soaked the beans overnight then first thing this morning got them into my crock pot on high. Now boiling in the ham bone stock.

Snowing again (or maybe I should say still), not looking like I'll be going out to Christmas supper in Tatla, driveway would be a problem, no tracks since I came home from knitting bee on Wednesday. So will eat soup up for a couple of days then maybe Christmas day I'll cook the turkey breast in fridge defrosting. 15° F (-10°C) right now with much lower temps forecast for next several days.

Found two more skeins of the scrap spinning I did a couple of years ago, made socks for my neighbor Katie, liked them so much always wished I had a pair. With upcoming even colder weather (arctic outflow) I'll soon be wearing the heavier handspun socks I already have done.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.


  1. I have split pea soup on in the crockpot myself and just today decided I need to try to make 1 more gift before Tuesday - so have a hat on the needles from knitting worsted. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Stay warm.
    The Bro in VA

  3. Merry Christmas Lynne. Your soups always sound so good. I think I'll make some soup tomorrow - chicken and something else soup.

    Enjoy your white Christmas - I'm jealous - but not of the temperatures.

  4. Our bean soup will be going into the crockpot shortly after our grandkids leave. I check your blog every day and have followed it for several years (your old blog) and I love reading about your socks and such! Merry Christmas to you Lynne!
    Wendy in WNY

  5. Merry Christmas, Lynne! Here in eastern Ontario we got our first significant snow on the solstice - how appropriate. Stay warm!

  6. Merry Christmas Lynne! I hope you are able to enjoy the day, knitting and spinning away while the turkey breast cooking in the oven sends good smells through your home. We have lots of snow (well, lots by Kamloops standards) here. It will definitely be a white Christmas for both of us!

  7. Merry Christmas from Minnesota!

  8. Sounds lovely and Christmassy, though maybe a chore and difficult for you!

    we have wet and windy and very mild weather here in London about 12c here, even too warm to light our wood burner ,shouldn't complain I suppose but some nice bright and frosty weather is preferable.

    Happy Christmas

    Carol Wintermute


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