I had heat

Pilot light was re lit for first time a week ago Friday, then it was out by Monday so this time I got it re lit then out again by Wednesday, re lit once again for about 24 hours then blankey blank thing was out again, so now guess I'll have to beg my electrician neighbor to maybe come take a look at stupid thing. He is busy as a one armed paper hanger building his new house so just hope & pray he can squeeze my heater in.

Latest Monstersocks, this pair sold before I had even cast on for second sock. Some think I'm borderline nutso for having to deal with so many ends, guess I've been doing it so long that it just feels normal to me. Have another pair similar to do then a couple of pair of plain light gray handspun, will be difficult to not sneak in some color here and there.

Raining lightly this morning, I am planning on going to town tomorrow if this mess doesn't freeze by morning. Need prescriptions refilled plus out of almost all produce and a bunch of other things. Wouldn't just go for groceries but needing so much and the prescriptions will just have to bite the bullet and do it. Hopefully can be in and out in one day, maybe home before its dark and the deer are on the road.


  1. its so amazing to think of you having a day trip to do your shopping. I can just nip round the corner if i run out of anything.....
    I find the whole different life so fascinating!!
    I LOVE your socks!!

  2. I always love seeing your colourful socks! I do sometimes wonder about all those ends though. :-)

    I hope you get your pilot lit figured out. How frustrating!

  3. At the last fiber show I did, there was a booth with a large basket of tiny little hanks of yarn and a completed sock on top. That was a gorgeous sock!!! I was thinking about all those ends, too, but looking at your pair -- those ends just might be worth it after all. Awesome socks!


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