Porch work

After almost 16 years the old porch was dying a slow miserable death, steps on south side get snow and ice buildups most of the winter, making using them treacherous, then bottom two steps were so rotten as to really be unsafe to use. So along came local contractor Rudy, agreed to do the work and bingo. When he came with his tools & stuff old porch was demolished in about 45 minutes, piled neatly and ready to go to the dump.

Once work on new porch was started he had it finished in less than 2 days, would have been done in one but rain (thunderman and lightfoot) slowed the job. Am really happy with the work done and complete cleanup of all the old stuff and bits of the new stuff.

Sock knitting on Olly's wild & crazies is moving right along, if anything good on this afternoon should get the heel turned on second sock. Some things I am not fond of watching tennis, fencing, some gymnastics and enuff already of has been Michael P. Have yarn for next pair already to go, they won't be nearly as wild (but close) as the lime green pair.


  1. Love the new porch. Wish I could have been there to do the work myself. The Bro in VA, of course.

  2. Looks like a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

  3. Looks Great - a nice spot to enjoy a cuppa and spin!


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