More sock stuff

Finished the 'brain fog has lifted' pair last night and took care of the ends this morning in the brighter light. I use an old Revlon cuticle remover to shag the ends, first I separate the 4 ply yarn then slide tool up and down until end is really shagged then do the same with each of the other singles, trying to make it so each end is a different length than the others. Takes longer fer sure than just cutting the ends but hopefully will prevent ends from showing up on the right side.

Yarn for the next pair is slowly getting figured out, the lime green will be the main color and then every wild & crazy color I can find to go with, some I ordinarily wouldn't try and put together but Toni wants wild, yeah I can do that.

Haven't talked to a real live body now in several days so have no idea if anything new and excitingly different is going on in my wild mountain valley, really don't mind figuring I can't get myself in trouble if I don't open the mouth. Planning on going to Tatla for knitting bee on Wednesday so will find out then what I've missed.


  1. Those are great socks! And I can't wait to see the lime green ones - lime green is one of my favorite colors.....hmm, I've got some laceweight lime green, maybe I need to look for a shawl or scarf pattern for it soon.....

  2. oh loved the tip about the ends of yarn...brilliant thanks

  3. ". . . I can't get myself in trouble if I don't open the mouth."
    Boy, did you and I come from the same gene pool or what.

    BTW, the green rocks. Go for it!

    The Bro in VA

  4. I love the finished socks and the new yarn colors are great, especially the green!


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