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Using a denim blue as main color and then lots of Kaffe Fassett colors and other bits for the patterns. Last row I just finished I used 3 colors, something I am not overly fond of doing but this time needed all 3 colors in the last 2 rounds. Doesn't show up in the pix but overall effect when sock is done will be just what I wanted. Once this pair is finished and the lime green arrives will get started on wild & crazy socks for Toni.

Got out to knitting bee yesterday arriving fashionably late and didn't stay to very long, for some strange reason I needed a nap when I got back home.

Up to 13 followers on the new blog, down from 140+ on old one, guess some will slowly drift back.

Watching crows in the yard flipping over last falls cow pats looking for something juicy to eat.


  1. You probably needed the nap because your activity level has been low and you'll have to gradually work back up to it. That's been my experience when I've been out for an illness or surgery for an extended period.

    In a few weeks things usually return to normal.

  2. Sounds like you're almost back to your usual self! Just resist the urge to overdo things too soon, huh? - though it's sure nice to have your house in such good shape.

  3. I didn't know about the new blog. Gail told me today at conference. I hope you re feeling better!

  4. I really like the new socks you've started! I would not have thought denim would look so bright.

  5. I use some really bright colors in my socks and love them.


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