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First coffee

First cup in almost a week, the dreaded bug called (eat the wrong stuff and it will kick you upside the head bug) laid me low on the 26th, to much of the wrong stuff. So to save me from having to go to the clinic I just quit eating anything that might be wrong instead drank bottled water for almost 3 days. Feeling fine now and will today boil up leftover turkey breast for turkey noodle soup. Meanwhile and back at the ranch watched lots of football and even stayed up almost all night for the Canada-USA world junior hockey game (game started 1:30 am my time), dumb the score would have been the same at noon as it was when the game was over. Today's game between Can - Russia started at a much more civilized time of 5:30 am, missed first 30 minutes of hype and started out at 6 am to watch Can beat the Russians 4-1.

Read every single book I had on my Kindle, soon will have to get somewhere with a WiFi connection to down load more, it sure was handy when I felt so punk. First couple of d…

Soup Disaster

Soup was a real disaster, beans never did cook, tried almost everything including boiling then letting them cool, boiling again for almost 6 hours, only thing I didn't try was freezing them and then putting back in soup. So ravens & birds are enjoying the mess.

Missed going to the big community turkey supper last night, put on at the church by ladies from the church, to much snow and just to darned cold to be traveling mountain roads alone after dark. Had toast w/ peanut butter instead. But will cook a turkey breast today, even have potatoes to mash and cabbage & carrots for salad. And of course either turkey stew or soup afterwards. Had a friend bring me some celery so can add all I want to either the soup or stew.

Another friend brought my mail yesterday, she has a big 4x4 pickup and could handle my driveway, was nice to have it package from Gail, and a book from Amazon plus the latest 'Spin Off'.

Had Gail's pkg to open this morning (shortbread cookies for b…

Soup & Snow

Just added about 2 cups of dried celery and a dozen morel mushrooms (dried so broke them up first) to a pot of what eventually will be bean soup, not as much ham left as I first thought but it will be enuff. Soaked the beans overnight then first thing this morning got them into my crock pot on high. Now boiling in the ham bone stock.

Snowing again (or maybe I should say still), not looking like I'll be going out to Christmas supper in Tatla, driveway would be a problem, no tracks since I came home from knitting bee on Wednesday. So will eat soup up for a couple of days then maybe Christmas day I'll cook the turkey breast in fridge defrosting. 15° F (-10°C) right now with much lower temps forecast for next several days.

Found two more skeins of the scrap spinning I did a couple of years ago, made socks for my neighbor Katie, liked them so much always wished I had a pair. With upcoming even colder weather (arctic outflow) I'll soon be wearing the heavier handspun socks I al…

Looks like a white Christmas

Started snowing on the way home from the knitting bee yesterday, in the time it took me to get home (30 minutes) was over a couple of inches on my porch, had swept it off before leaving at 9:30. Then snowed rest of the day and all night, just fine easy to sweep off snow, but ended up with nearly 6 new inches. With temps forecast to be well down (zero F or lower) over next week, snow will likely stick around. No plans to go any where until Christmas eve when If roads allow will go out for church's big Christmas supper. And if that should come to pass that its to nasty to go will plan on a turkey breast for Christmas day supper here.

Have 2 to be felted projects underway, one really large adult size slipper finished and 1 med sized kids underway. Will alternate between the two until both are done. Knitting on 10.5 needles and my handspun means the projects go fast.

Pix on the header of my blog is just about exactly how it looks outside.

Fulled slippers

4 pair kids sized fulled slippers, knit from my handspun yarn. Was really happy at how thick & woolie they turned out. Motivated to do more.

On the needles right now gloves out of commercial fingering yarn, and a pair of thick socks from my handspun in a med kids size, thinking I'll do another couple of pair for the kids of the local electrician that has got my house propane heater working. Have enuff handspun to make dozens & dozens of pairs of socks, so before something bad happens to it might as well get it used up. Will even think about a pair of the fulled slippers in my size. Temps over next couple of days will be well down below 0° F, so may if I can get hold of Sam ask nicely if he would have time to look at propane stove in wool room.

Nothing else going on right now in this wild mountain valley.

SO to the bro in VA.

Cyber Monday yarn

The 7 skeins Cascade Heritage sock yarn from my Cyber Monday shopping. Bought it from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, need the colors for 3 pair of natural colors socks I'll be doing after the last 4 or 5 pairs of orders are finished.

Last Wednesday I left for town directly from Tatla Lake, had been out for knitting bee and planned if weather was good to head in. Roads bare 90% of trip, but then Thursday was hell, snowed hard all day, roads were a mess. I had a DR appointment for prescription refills Thursday at 10 am, then headed right over to get banking done and my haircut. Picked up gas, the meat for supper and made a quick run thru of SaveOn to pick up Rosemary ham and Brie for lunch. Quit at just after noon and headed back up to Denise's place, roads by then were really bad, was glad to get there safely. Friday Denise cleaned car off, got my stuff loaded and headed back to town, got groceries at SaveOn and headed for home. Even not buying all the stuff on my list I still had…

Snow & Travels

Will soon start the clearing off work, first to shovel the snow off back porch, then cleaning off the car, once its started will bring out stuff to load, library books, knitting, kindle (will be able to hook up to WiFi while in Tatla). Heading out for high tea celebration of life for Jen King, the closest thing we had to a real queen in this area.

Finished another pair of Monstersocks last night, the two different whites. Now will move onto a pair of gloves that will be going to Vanc Island when finished.

Will try and buy some salad stuff while in Tatla, not likely I'll have much choice believe I've read that the Graham Inn is closed so will check in at the store to see what they might have. If selection isn't to my liking will eat lots of raw veggies at the celebration of life lunch.

Another couple of new followers to my blog, welcome.

Saturday soup

Planning on chicken w/ rice and maybe 1/4 c quinoa, used 2 pieces chicken breast from freezer, the last of the carrots and celery, to make up enuff celery I used a cup of the dehydrated celery from SKirk, will easily have enuff for tonight, tomorrow and maybe even Mondays suppers. Never get tired of soup.

Found a medium sized ball of a creamy white and started on this sock, when time came to get the other full ball I knew I had in the stash found it to be snow white, so what to do. Did about 4 rows of alternating the two whites, not exactly what I had in mind, so will finish and add to my sock box. Pix doesn't show the color change nearly as much as real time. Oh well warm feet is the name of the game.

Snow for most of the morning, quit just after noon, not near what is normal for November, maybe a bit over an inch out there.

Cyber Monday

And what did I buy, natural colors of Heritage sock yarn from Paradise Fibers, they had 10% off and that paid for postage. Black, gray, white and brown, 2 each except for the brown only 1 of those. Not really inclined to shop much anywhere regardless of the deals, but the sock yarn in solid colors I need for upcoming sock orders.

I tried to finish these socks last night but anytime after 10 pm I fade fast, knew that there was no way that I would have been able to kitchner the toe when it was all I could do to get my shower and get into bed. Instead finished this morning after having my coffee, no problems while wide awake. Main color was knit pick stroll then lots of leftover bits. Wonder if I will ever run out of leftovers.

Next project will be a pair of mens gloves, going to Vancouver Island when finished, nothing wild & crazy. Then back to socks.

Another good day for soup, cabbage, lentil and what ever else looks like it will work.

2 new followers, welcome


Finally got the gray handspun socks washed, used Lavender Eucalan no rinse wool wash, its the only thing I use on my socks. The yarn I choose to use for the socks is not the BFL I thought it was, something else from long ago and far away. A bit on the coarse side and am hoping the washing would have eased that a bit, the person they are for may just have to wear thin cotton socks underneath.

Last night while watching Monday Nite Football finished the first sock of the Turkies pair, quite sure I am going to reverse all colors and patterns on sock #2, or so I am now thinking.

Washed my soup bowl from last night and the pan I used to reheat the chicken w/ rice soup, then started 8 eggs to hard boil for egg salad to take with me to knitting bee tomorrow.
Now ready to start on turkie #2. All done before 9 am. When I have a list of things I want to do seems as tho if I don't finish I regret not getting everything done, not today list is finished.

I haz heat (again)

Local electrician (knows a lot about gas) was here this morning and both heaters are working again, hope and pray that it is the last problems I'll have this winter, big propane tank is full and that should take me well into February. Last few days have been relatively mild for Nov so easily got away by wearing lotsa woolies, fingers were the most uncomfortable, can't knit with gloves on.

Finished the really boring plain light gray socks, no color or patterns just as plain as they could possibly be. Won't be in a hurry to make another pair any time soon. Broke out the turkies as soon as I finished the gray, about 1/3 down foot so far but another football game on at 5:30 that I plan on watching.

Started a whole chicken breast in soup pot about 10 am, after it was cooked added celery, carrots, chicken with the rice the last in the pot, should be ready to eat in next 30 minutes or so. Enuff for tonight, tomorrow and prolly Tuesday, can eat soup almost every meal.

Now that woo…

This & That

Still working the the perfectly plain light gray socks, first sock of the pair is done and have cast on for second. To satisfy my color craving also have the first sock of a turquoise pair started, much easier for me to work on the turkies.

Have suddenly had a big influx of blog viewers from the UK and Europe, love seeing where everyone is from but wish I knew how they all found my simple little blog. But still no new followers, old blog had 140+ but so far new blog is static at 41. But that is OK they will come when new blog is found.

Cold and gray again today in my wild mountain valley, with the furnace in main part of house still not working I dress for the occasion, woolies all around. Just can't knit with fingerless gloves on so end up shedding them when I get into the house for my Monday nite Football game at 5 pm. The small infra red heater is doing a remarkable job in keeping house up around the comfort area.

The vegetable soup I made on Saturday sure was an outstanding b…

Town trip

Did the quick & dirty trip to town yesterday, (3 hours each way), main reason was prescription refills, and restocking the produce larder, absolutely amazing how much stuff disappears in a bit over 3 weeks, have again broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, mixed salad greens, squash etc. Sure looks like we picked a good day to go in, freezing rain in the forecast for later today, climbing up Sheep Creek Hill on slick roads is not my idea of fun.

Saw 12 deer on the way in just as daylight was breaking and only 6 on way home at dusk, most uncomfortable part was a guy on horseback driving cows along the main road well after dusk, he and cows barely showed up. But made it home safely, then let L take car home with her to unload her groceries.

After putting groceries away, had my shower then watched MNF while all snug in a long sleeved flannel nightgown, took a look at my current sock knitting and decided it just wasn't going to happen, prolly close to 45 rows on 72 stitches. Main col…

I had heat

Pilot light was re lit for first time a week ago Friday, then it was out by Monday so this time I got it re lit then out again by Wednesday, re lit once again for about 24 hours then blankey blank thing was out again, so now guess I'll have to beg my electrician neighbor to maybe come take a look at stupid thing. He is busy as a one armed paper hanger building his new house so just hope & pray he can squeeze my heater in.

Latest Monstersocks, this pair sold before I had even cast on for second sock. Some think I'm borderline nutso for having to deal with so many ends, guess I've been doing it so long that it just feels normal to me. Have another pair similar to do then a couple of pair of plain light gray handspun, will be difficult to not sneak in some color here and there.

Raining lightly this morning, I am planning on going to town tomorrow if this mess doesn't freeze by morning. Need prescriptions refilled plus out of almost all produce and a bunch of other th…

I have heat

Rudy was here late Friday afternoon to finish some of the small jobs he didn't get done when finishing up the new porch. 2 sheet metal screws in bathroom pipe from propane heater, will keep the two pieces tight and unable to leak fine ash, a hardening foam under kitchen sink pipe (to keep mices from climbing up), looked at kitchen water filter (to old needs to be replaced) and looked at house furnace, turns out it just needed to have pilot light restarted, had I known that prolly could have done it a month or so ago.

Just put a small thawed turkey breast in the oven, will be many meals followed last with turkey noodle soup or a stew w/ dumplings. Of all the things I've ever cooked the soup or stews are my favorites.

Next socks are real Monstersocks, lots and lots of little balls of bits to good to give away, will likely go into my sock drawer. I deal with ends as I go along, never leaving more than 6 or so to be finished off.

Socks & Yarn

Finished another pair of conservative wild & crazy socks, main color is a darkish teal and then used up more odds & sods (have long wondered if they are breeding, no matter how many I use the bag never gets smaller). Posted pix on Facebook and even had 'the' Lucy Neatby make a comment. Wowsers. She thought that they were her colors.

After reading the news and email I got to the spinning wheel just after 7 am, got in my 45 minutes with the turquoise-y merino-nylon mix, may even finish the first bobbin yet today. Then skeined from electric plying wheel some NZ Merino, 486 yards of sock weight 2 ply. Pix of roving and then the yarn.

Next will be to ply two bobbins of more merino freeing up the 2 Woolee Winder bobbins, they are what I am using for the turq, color is kind on a bright yellow-ish gold.

I hear the bugle

The cavalry is on the way, Rudy called to say that he will be returning this week to finish up a few small jobs, will look at the house propane furnace and repair (hopefully) a small leak in bathroom wash basin. Not likely it will be in time for the arctic blast that is due tomorrow night, lows predicted to be -16°C or 3° F, means the long handles will be worn along with lots of woolies in other places.

Meanwhile I am into my winter schedule, read and answer email (set the timer for 45 minutes) then attend to the spinning wheel for at least 45. Spinning a merino-nylon mix I got at Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, got about 34 oz of an Emerald City, turq with small amounts of of blue and darker green mixed in. Spinning it fairly fine with plans to 3 ply it for the February Ladies sweater sometime this winter.

Merino-Nylon mix from Mary-anne Smith

Feb Ladies Sweater

Last pix is the leftover socks from this year, not quite sure what I will do with them but something always comes along. Worst …

And so it starts

At first light I could see that the ground was white, 25°F and still a very light snow falling, so verra glad I changed to snow tires before leaving 'the willie' last Monday. With lots of college football on the telly will be a good day to start a big pot of chicken w/ rice soup. My knitting at hand. Perfect fall weather.

2nd sock of latest pair about 1/4 down the leg, calling this batch conservative wild & crazies, with at least 3 games that I want to see will get in lots of knitting, may even get down to heel area.

And now if I could find someone to come look at house furnace, one of the real hardships living where I do, guys that can do this are in high demand and hard to get to come look at it. Meanwhile have rolled the small infra red heater in there and between it and base board heaters and my woolies am mostly comfortable.

Desert Mesa Fall 2012

Left Cache Creek after lunch on Sunday stayed overnight in 'the willie', met L in SaveOn parking lot Monday after getting snow tires on the car. Picked up a few groceries and headed west, home just after 1, L unloaded car and then took the car home with her stuff.

DM was as usual a really good time and for a change I didn't have to have a mid day nap and miss anything. Bartered away an old oak skein winder that fit a Louet S 70 wheel and got dyed super wash merino-nylon in return, good trade. Only other thing I bought was 2 8 oz bags of dyed black Corriedale, one for me and one for Deni in 'the willie'. Isabel bought me a small silver sheep charm, cute as it could be. Next year (fall) will be the 10th anniversary of DM and will be a 3 day weekend, the whole weekend sold out in just a few minutes. Unless there are cancellations will be pretty much the same crowd.

The spinning room early in the morning

Bill H having a mid afternoon snooze, lots of other pix taken of…

Early morning

Coyotes talking around 5 am, with my bedroom window still open it sounded like they were right close. With quite a bit of stuff to do decided to get up and get at it. Laundry will be first on the list, getting clothes ready for upcoming Desert Mesa trip. Then once football games come on the telly (10 am) will continue working on the second glove. Have yarn ready for next pair of socks, will use a dark teal with lots of small balls of Opal, not quite the ones that make patterns just tweedy bits, will prolly do a diamond pattern inside the tweedy stuff with a solid color or so I am now thinking.

Wanted to do up a turkey breast for Thanksgiving (Monday) but decided against, not able to get it finished before I leave on Thursday and don't especially like leaving it in the fridge for the time I'll be away. So will plan on it for when I'm back. Mostly for the turkey noodle soup I'll do at the end.

Time to get out my long sleeve mock t necks, every morning all last week temps…

Another pair of wild & crazies

Finished these in the middle of last nights boring football game (G Men playing the Eagles), wasn't interested enuff to say I enjoyed the game but glad the Eagles won the game. But got in lot of knitting. Another pair of socks cast on right away, but won't be making next pair quite so wild & crazy.

Mild weather this morning with strong south wind, leaves coming off poplar trees before they have even changed color. And sky to the north is getting darker by the minute, maybe more rain. Weather by Wednesday is supposed to be a good bit cooler with temps well down in teens (F). With winter fast approaching and my flannel sheets getting thin went ahead and ordered two new bottom sheets from Lands End, with the free shipping and 30% off made for a pretty sweet deal, and definitely needed.

Loaded several free books onto the Kindle Fire while I had WiFi access, check the free site every third or so day, nothing really exciting but nice to know they will be available when roads ar…

Home from road trip

Down my driveway yesterday just after noon, and right behind L who was coming to pick up all the goodies I had brought her from states and Costco. Lucked out and found veggie market in Spences Bridge still open and with an abundance of real tomatoes, bought 23 lb for L and 26 lb for me, ripe on top of box and ripening underneath, shall be eating t-matters well into October and nothing could suit me better. So with 8 loaves squirrely bread, tomatoes, cheese and many more heavy things I let her take my car up to her place to unload, she is wheel less, still biking.

Stopped into Bed, Bath and Beyond on the way home, my first visit, oh my goodness. I will go back someday when I have half a day to look around. Went in for a refillable filter basket for a friends Keurig coffee maker. Now that we can bring back duty free $800 after being gone more than 48 hours sure was tempting to try and use it up, but not to be, with groceries I was just under $250. Next time. Next trip to US won't be…


Oregon Flock & Fiber Fair is over for this year, weather this year was perfect. Last two years have had major rain on Sunday pretty well closing everything down, us included. Had supper Sat night at Thai restaurant right in Canby, outstanding as usual, 4 of us went and all agreed to do it again next year. The table behind us one of the family had this pineapple full of goodies, so impressive I got a pix.

Then a pix of Gail and a gal teaching a newby how to use her drop spindle.

All in all a very good weekend. I only bought one thing not on my list, and couldn't find any 16 inch Hiya Hiya needles in the sizes I wanted, may have to look online. Will head north tomorrow morning, both pretty tired to make drive tonight.

Road trip

Seriously. Have just started getting stuff ready for upcoming (tomorrows) road trip, will slowly drift south and arrive at Gail's on Wednesday (lotsa driving), then we will head south after prolly waiting as much as 2 hours to cross the border, arriving Canby, OR late afternoon on Friday. OFFF gets underway Saturday morning, hope to be there early enuff to get close by handicapped parking.

Latest wild & crazy sock, more reds, purples and lime green in the foot. Getting very difficult to find real purple sock yarn, this will be one of my main look fors while at OFFF.

Also will check in first thing at Carolina Homespun for 16 inch circular needles in the Hiay Hiya brand, so far they are my favorite of anything I've ever used. Used to like the Addi turbos, but the way to stiff cable has really turned my off them.


Working on the afterthought heel on sock #2 of the orangies, should finish it yet this morning. Now I like orange, really like it but after doing a whole sock in mostly oranges can now say I've had enuff for awhile. Will today get more of the Cascade Heritage sock yarn wound into balls and ready to start on next pair of wild & crazies.

21° F at my house this morning, had to cave and turn furnace on in wool room, even with the boiled wool jacket, socks and fingerless gloves on wasn't quite enuff. Love reading about some places that won't turn furnace on until the first of November, heck I'd freeze if I waited that long. But trust me when I say I much prefer this weather than the 90 + of July & August.

Monday night double header football games last night were duds. Much as I like football I couldn't be bothered finishing either game, instead watched news.


Have had a ball of Opal orange in my stash for quite some time and just lately its been bothering me, finally decided to do socks (but of course). Don't exactly know who might like this much orange but maybe someday the right person will just squeal when they see it. 2nd sock in the middle of the top ribbing, with football on for most of Saturday and Sunday should get pretty far down the leg. Went to town on Thursday and stayed over, picked up groceries Friday morning and headed west. Denise gave me some fresh Rosemary from her garden, brought it home in a small open plastic bag in my knitting, oh my goodness does it ever smell good. So for supper last night cut 2 smallish tomatoes, drizzled a verra small amt of olive oil and sprinkled the fresh crumbled Rosemary on top, think I could eat this every meal until the tomatoes are gone.

Socks & Frost

Frosty morning, temp was right on 30° when I got up at just after 6 am, kind of felt good to get back into a wool sweater and socks, am way to tight to start up propane heaters (propane is way expensive in here) so the woolies work well.

Finished the 17 colored wild & crazies last night. Had asked on Facebook if I should make the second sock the same as first, 13-3 were in favor of reversing the colors, so that is what I did.
Sock on the left is the reversed one.

Answered a couple of emails from peoples wanting to buy my socks, told everyone that at this time I will opt out of selling socks long distance, people I know and friends will be enuff for now. Having been burned a couple of times, decided that selling LD just wasn't where I wanted to be.

Will start another pair yet today, many football games on (college games starting today). With very much anticipated Michigan vs Alabama at 5 pm. Even made enuff last night for supper that I would have leftovers for tonight. Michigan…

The Grizzly & her cubs

In the kitchen cleaning up after an early supper, saw the Griz walking along by the river, hot footed to wool room for camera and by the time I got back the cubs came rolling along. Got 3 pix but of them all only this one shows both cubs., turns out its the best. Then they headed for the fence and into Harris' hayfield and out of my sight. But trust me I will be ever vigilant again. Click on pix to make it larger.

So far Facebook voting on sock colors is running 11 for reversing the colors and 3 for keeping it the same.

17 colors

Just put sock pix on Facebook and asked for friends to vote on how to do the second sock, same colors in same order or to reverse the colors with bottom color on the top of #2.

Once second sock is done will start winding the Cascade Heritage yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers. Quite sure I can do one more pair of wild & crazies out of this and some other colors still floating around.

Mornings are feeling like fall is about to drop, mornings are cool enuff to have me back to wearing my wool socks. Feels really good after the way to hot summer I ran into here and more down in Eburg, WA.


Left Eburg Saturday morning, drove into BC mid afternoon, much cooler than Eburg that's fer sure. So much so that I shut off a/c and opened sun roof. Then left Langley, BC Monday morning for 'the Willie', picked up a few groceries and headed for the high country on Tuesday. Had stopped in Spences Bridge on way up and bought a small box of tomatoes, so with some salad greens pretty well had everything. Tomatoes on toast for breakfast this morning, perfect.

Finished (except for afterthought heel) the socks I have been calling the brown scrappers then promptly forgot my small knitting bag in Langley, so no pix of the scrappers. Also finished the blue wild & crazies, was pleased with how they came out.

This is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers in Spokane, almost wish I could have bought 2 or 3 of each color. But at least now know where I can get solid colored sock yarn in the future. Also have 8 more skeins in Oregon that I will pick up when I go d…

Paradise Fibers

Successful trip to Paradise Fibers in Spokane even if it was 100+°, got a bunch of solid colored sock yarns, some colors I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Cascade Heritage and at a very good price $12 for 100 g skeins. But man oh man was it hot over there. This ole lady ain't used to stuff like this. Will get pix of the yarn tomorrow. Instead of yarn pix decided to head north and the border today, pix prolly when I get home.

Finished the blue socks and instead of starting anything new went back to the brown scrappers I started in early July. Fist sock is done except for the afterthought heel, 2nd sock just down past contrast yarn for the AtH. Will finish them before I start anything with the new yarn, even tho that is going to be difficult.

In Eburg

In Ellensburg where its been far hotter than it was supposed to be, mid to upper 90's with 102° forecast for Saturday. Plans now are to go to Spokane on Friday then if temps cool just a bit I'll head for BC Sunday morning.

Fires just west of Eburg keep the news interesting, Cle Elum has been hit the hardest with well over 70 places burned, one friend Terry N had to evacuate yesterday with all the sheep & llamas & alpacas, haven't heard anything more, hope & pray that they are all OK.

Nearly finished with second blue sock, slow going with so much going on down here. Hoping to find a few solid colors in the Cascade Heritage sock yarn at Paradise, need purples, reds, turq and several denim blues.

Off to see the wizard

Heading out in the morning for a bit of a road trip, time to get out and get the stink blowed off as someone I knew used to say. Into Williams Lake tomorrow night and Sat then Sunday will head down to the wet coast. Monday back on the road again to Ellensburg, WA, maybe if its not to hot will go over to Spokane and Paradise Fibers. From there not sure where the road will take me.

Have clothes ready to go into suitcase, knitting ready (more knitting than clothes, whatta surprise), everything into the car in the morning.

Have second blue wild & crazy down to the 4th pattern in the leg, surely do enjoy using all the colors. Briefly thought about taking a spinning wheel but if its hot just one more thing to load and unload. So this trip will just be the knitting.......

Am hoping to find some real tomatoes on the way home, then if that happens will buy cottage cheese and think I'd died and gone to heaven.

Wild & Crazies

Got sucked into the Olly-o's but am now tired of hearing and seeing the 27th (or more) race of M Phelps, a couple of times would have been enuff for me, so today won't even turn TV on until 6 pm news. There are a lot of events that I am not fond of watching tennis, track events, athletics, but do enjoy the soccer, volleyball, diving and once in a while the water polo. But nothing today.

Did get Toni's wild & crazy socks done and got started on another pair, not quite the wild colors, more of what I should call conservative wild & crazies. Everyone wants to know what I do with all the ends, first off I strand the ends both coming & going, then when sock is finished I use a Revlon cuticle remover to shag each end, separate each ply and shag each, makes for a ruff end and once sock is washed they hopefully will disappear forever. I really do enjoy anything with what I call a color challenge.

Back into a few days of hotter than usual temps, low 90's is really …

Porch work

After almost 16 years the old porch was dying a slow miserable death, steps on south side get snow and ice buildups most of the winter, making using them treacherous, then bottom two steps were so rotten as to really be unsafe to use. So along came local contractor Rudy, agreed to do the work and bingo. When he came with his tools & stuff old porch was demolished in about 45 minutes, piled neatly and ready to go to the dump.

Once work on new porch was started he had it finished in less than 2 days, would have been done in one but rain (thunderman and lightfoot) slowed the job. Am really happy with the work done and complete cleanup of all the old stuff and bits of the new stuff.

Sock knitting on Olly's wild & crazies is moving right along, if anything good on this afternoon should get the heel turned on second sock. Some things I am not fond of watching tennis, fencing, some gymnastics and enuff already of has been Michael P. Have yarn for next pair already to go, they wo…


Glorious rain so far this morning, enuff that I have puddles on my driveway. Would much rather have the rain & mud than the fires that can be so scary. In 2010 there were big fires to the east and west and for several days the only road (hiway 20) was closed, when we got a possible evacuation alert wondered where we could go if it really happened. Were lucky then to dodge the fire bullet. After getting my yard cut it turned so brown and crunchy, now can almost see it turning greener by the minute.

Ear flapper for Anna B, local teen that helped with shoveling and keeping my car clear of snow the last couple of years. Have had this handspun flapper around for awhile and gave it to her last Friday (one of the hottest days so far). She gamely put it on long enuff for me to get a pix.

The wild & crazy socks are moving right along, no pix tho until the pair are finished. Used lots of solid colored Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill yarns in the leg part but knowing how Koigu doesn't hol…

This and That

Saw another black bear this morning, was coming up from the south heading north, kind of scruffy looking. Bear sightings are way down this year, in the past by now would have seen at least 30, so far this year maybe a dozen.

Wasn't real happy with the white booties (mukluks), so used more handspun BFL-Silk and made another set, light gray with blue and white, much better IMO.

Now into the wild & crazy socks for Toni, so far so good.

Multiple booties

Almost always knit both soles at the same time then slide one off onto a diff needle while I finish #1, except once #1 was done and I picked up a diff sized set of needles to work on #2 and not noticing the difference until almost to where I added the blue pattern. #2 was waaaay bigger due to going from a 2.5 mm needle to a 3.25 mm, but hey it was dark and light wasn't the best and I am OLDE. So ripped back to where I had added the bigger needles and using the correct size finished #2 properly.

A full days reprieve from the almost to much heat we'd been having, from yesterdays 32° (mid 90's F) to low 70's F today and a really nice breeze coming in all opened windows. According to forecast one more day of high 80's then back to much nicer weather. And if it comes to pass I will make a trip into town, prescription refills and a large produce order.

Neighbor Les was back and finished cutting my yard full of weeds, a nice fire break and should help with the mozzies …

More neighbors

Stored Emke's boat all winter in my old woodshed, today Sam came to haul it home, he brought a helper and 2 chain saws and cut up and got rid of the two dead trees on south side of where Les is cutting in blog pix from Sunday. Amazing what 2 guys that know what they are doing can do in just a few minutes. He will come back before cold weather arrives and take a look at my living room furnace.

Finally summer

Even tho there was still frost the mornings of the 4th thru the 6th, the clear skies finally got around to hotter sunny days. Today and tomorrow are forecast to be in upper 80's and even low 90's, and for the first time this year have sandals on without wool socks.

Neighbor Les brought riding lawnmower on Friday and knocked down the weeds & grasses in front of the house and on east side, started on west side before he ran out of gas, will come back and do the rest in a couple of days. What a neighbor.

Brown scrapper socks are almost to the heel, not sure I like this color arrangement at all, but in the grand scheme of things will be a perfect pair to add to the the sock gift basket. Have all the skeins wound into cakes ready to start on Toni's socks next. But will finish current pair first (I promise).

Not much else new and excitingly different in my wild mountain valley, just the way I like it.

Mail day surprises

Had my Knit Picks order with yesterdays mail and a surprise package from Maggie via Kimmie Cornerstone (Parkinson). A bundaflicka tote (perfect colors, one I would have chosen from a rack full), many bars of soap, another container of Shepherds Friend hand creme (haven't had a cracked fingertip since I started using it). Almost like a late Christmas.
Knit Picks order had the almost fuchsia yarn I'd been waiting for before starting on Toni's wild & crazy socks.

On Tuesday had 2 black bears in yard, one grazing just in front of the old wood shed, the other over by the cattle guard by the driveway, no way would they get close enuff to get a pix of the 2 together. By the time I got a shot of the one by the cattle guard it had crossed and was on my driveway (left smelly things behind) on his travels.

The grill master brother in VA sent me a pix of a grill full of turkey burgers and sausages, came thru on a night when I had an early supper, looked good enuff to lick the puter…

More BORING socks

Started this pair June 19 and finished last night, ends are all taken care of, now just need to get them washed and on the blockers to dry. Still waiting for the last yarn to come before I start on Toni's socks, meanwhile using more odds for another pair of the 5 row scrappers. This pair will have all the browns I can find.

Critter count for today, 2 deer just before 7 am, then a smallish black bear around 8:30, then some sort of weasel running fast maybe a fisher. And that was all before 10 am. If I did nothing but sit in wool room all day am sure I would see even more. Big windows on 3 sides means anything wandering about usually comes into view sooner or later.

37° F at 6:30 this morning, house had gotten quite cool, so much so that I turned electric heat on until sun came in over east mountains. Upper 70's in forecast for mid to late this week.

Boring (NOT)

Someone emailed me this morning and said she thought my life and where I live had to be the most boring place ever. This from a person that lives in an apartment with plywood walls, rides the train 90 minutes each way to work, has 2 kids that are off the wall (9 and 13) and management just found a body 2 floors below hers, she thinks my life and where I live are boring. I don't think so. Wouldn't trade any part of hers for 5 minutes of mine.

Saw a big black bear yesterday but in the trees and bushes, no place to try and get a pix. Bear sightings are way down this year, last year by the end of June had seen at least 30, only 5 so far this year. Lorelee rode her bike here yesterday and reported a big grizzly in what we used to call the upper east field, just grazing on whatever is growing up there.

Working on another pair of scrap socks, the 5 row scrappers. Waiting for one more ball to arrive for the wild & crazies for Toni. And Melody send me a handspun shawlette, pattern …

Car troubles

Went to knitting bee on Wednesday and all the way was wishing I could have stayed home, after kb on way home had car troubles just a tad out of downtown Tatla Lake. Opened hood and found loads of the hood insulation (pack rat or ?), also a wire chewed apart from alternator to? First person that stopped had a sat phone and called BCAA for me, tow truck had to come from Riske Creek 2+ hours away. Finally a bit after 4pm truck arrived with big trailer to load car on, with me planning on going in with tow truck except first step up was at about my waist, driver helped and thus began one of the roughest rides ever into town. Took car to Downtown Service when a friends husband is the journeyman mechanic, Denise (her husband) met me there and we went up to her place for me to stay overnight. Insulation cleaned out and Len said about 5 pounds mouse or pack rat sh** also removed. Alternator was toast and one had to come from Kamloops so ended up 2 nights in town with nothing but basic knittin…

More sock stuff

Finished the 'brain fog has lifted' pair last night and took care of the ends this morning in the brighter light. I use an old Revlon cuticle remover to shag the ends, first I separate the 4 ply yarn then slide tool up and down until end is really shagged then do the same with each of the other singles, trying to make it so each end is a different length than the others. Takes longer fer sure than just cutting the ends but hopefully will prevent ends from showing up on the right side.

Yarn for the next pair is slowly getting figured out, the lime green will be the main color and then every wild & crazy color I can find to go with, some I ordinarily wouldn't try and put together but Toni wants wild, yeah I can do that.

Haven't talked to a real live body now in several days so have no idea if anything new and excitingly different is going on in my wild mountain valley, really don't mind figuring I can't get myself in trouble if I don't open the mouth. Pla…

Kitchen adventures

Macaroni cooked, 4 c celery, chopped into small pieces, old cheddar in more small pieces, eggs cooling, dressing made (mayo, yogurt, dill, garlic salt and pepper), will all come together soon for a late lunch and then supper. Mac salad was my Mothers favorite food and I am sure she ate close to her weight every year, any time I was there that was the first thing she asked me to make. I usually make a batch on Mother's Day every year in her honor but hospital visit cancelled that this year.

Ribbing and first large pattern done on 2nd sock, can only work on it during daylight hours, some of the patterns are close to being the most intricate I've ever done. Once sun sets start working on other things. Already lining up more bits of leftovers for next pair and as soon as the lime green gets here will start on socks for Toni.

Didn't go to knitting bee this week, thinking about skipping every other week, 20 miles each way ads up to large gas bill in a month.

One sock done

Think I will call this pair 'the brain fog has lifted', first few days after getting home from hospital-surgery trip no way would fingers do what the brain was telling them to do. Finally everything is back working the way it should. Cast on right away for sock #2 will I think change some of the colors around (jest a bit), keeps my interest up & going this way.

Frost again this morning, but now at almost 3 pm its sunny and warm, enuff so that windows are open in wool room.

Not much else new and excitingly different in my world, quiet and peaceful just the way I like it.